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AI Adoption Needs to Be Done Responsibly, Says Student Creator of App That Detects Chatbot Generated Text

“Humans deserve to know the truth,” said Edward Tian, a senior student at Princeton University, who launched GPTZero, an artificial intelligence (AI) text detection tool, over his holiday break.
“No one wants to be deceived, whether something they’re reading online is misrepresented as human-written or machine-reading,”  Tian told The Epoch Times on Jan. 22.
“So everyone really deserves a tool like GPTZero,” he said.
Tian, who is studying both computer science and journalism, created GPTZero through the Princeton Natural Language Processing (NLP) lab.
“I released this app the day after New Year, expecting, at best, a few dozen people trying it out, and it completely blew up and went viral. And over 300,000 people have tried using it online now, which is incredible,” Tian said….

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