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TSMC Says It Will Have Advanced ASML Chipmaking Tool in 2024

SANTA CLARA, Calif.—Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. executives said on Thursday the world’s biggest chipmaker will have the next version of ASML Holding NV’s most advanced chipmaking tool in 2024.
The tool called “high-NA EUV” produces beams of focused light that create the microscopic circuitry on computer chips used in phones, laptops, cars, and artificial intelligence devices such as smart speakers. EUV stands for extreme ultraviolet, the wavelength of light used by ASML’s most advanced machines.
“TSMC will bring in high-NA EUV scanners in 2024 to develop the associated infrastructure and patterning solution needed for customers to fuel innovation,” said Y.J. Mii, senior vice president of research & development, during TSMC’s technology symposium in Silicon Valley….

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