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Multiple Studies Find Remote Workers Following Poor Digital Security Protocols

Remote workers are aware of their responsibilities in maintaining digital security while accessing company networks a report has said, adding though that only a fifth are actually aware of sophisticated online threats. The report by U.S. tech company Unisys says that a lack of understanding of fundamental cybersecurity risks and threats is resulting in remote and hybrid employees engaging in risky behavior that endangers overall company security. The report found that 39 percent of remote workers are prone to fall for phishing scams, which makes up for 80 percent of online transgressions. About 79 percent are unaware of sophisticated threats like SIM jacking, where the hacker transfers a user’s contact number over to a phone they control. In the report, about half of the surveyed remote employees based in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand have downloaded or installed software not approved by their IT department, and when something …

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