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The Week Ahead: Apple iPhones and Quality Inflation

By Tom Hudson From Miami Herald Apple’s first iPhone had an eye-popping price of $499 when it was introduced 14 years ago. That’s about $640 adjusted for inflation today. The current iPhone 12 starts just a little higher—at $700—but is a distant technological relative to that first 4GB, 4.5-inch-tall iPhone in 2007. The 12th iteration is more than an inch taller with 16 times the memory. For 10 percent more money, iPhone customers are getting a lot more bang for their buck. The iPhone 12 is the most recent base model until Tuesday when Apple is expected to announce a slate of new products, including its next generation of iPhones. Apple hasn’t said how much the new version will cost—that’s always part of building excitement for the company’s product launches. Shareholders are expecting another big profit center. Apple shares have far outperformed the S&P 500 over the past three months …

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