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As you know, The Marshall Report has been under a hack… I didn’t misspell it…that is my name for attack. A hack attack…and my great IT man Nik explained it…but I will spare the details. The good news is he has been putting a new domain together for the past two weeks… and God is watching over us for he started this in motion a week before we had any sign of attacks (except the occassional trolls).

The new site will be called “Dianne Marshall Report”. It will be when it is ready. I am told all of the subscribers will be transferred over and most everything will operate the same way, it will have a new look and a table of contents to access different reports. So that is something people were wanting and it will have that.

Sample page of articles to choose from.

I am learning a lot about cyber land and security and how things work/don’t work and Nik is going to do an interview where he will update us on what we need to be careful about with aps, hacks, and emails. If you have any questions you want answered about cyber safety and protection…hackers, and software…please write them in the comments. I will include your questions in the article and have him address those questions directly.

Healthy Computers: How To — Impact Association Management

I am learning some things are server issues, computer issues, and there are a list of types of what he called WAN, Land, computer and email issues and what to look for that is normal…meaning it’s your computer…and what to look for that could be a threat. He explained many things that happened with people working from home…and things we need to remember to stay protected. So, please ask your questions.

While the world is shaking and cyber attacks are hitting all the truth tellers, and critical thinking opinion holders, we are still pressing on exposing all the facts and clues available…praying for our nation and encouraging one another.

We are learning how to lift our voices in faith to the Lord with a shout! Like in the days of Joshua when the walls of Jericho tumbled down. In spite of all the propaganda, and all of the naysayers…we are winning! God is smiling and his Son Jesus is at the narrow Gate waving his hand for us to come through it! God’s Kingdom is coming and it is indeed within us!

Stay strong and keep things fun!


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