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In the war on our minds, many have forgotten, or at least not kept in the forefront of the propaganda war that the nature of this COVID battle is the preplanned events the think tank placed in motion via their Lockstep Program. The key word here is “PROGRAM”. Mind washing programs to establish a global world RESET.

The plans were always to control all of us, and this is not of God. This evil plan is stripped of all free will and the end the devil and his minions have for us is not a good one. President Trump was never supposed to be elected. This was supposed to go into affect with no problems…now they have a BIG PROBLEM. We are awake, our mission is to come out of her my people and expose the evil plans and press forward into God’s will and not the will of man for us.

LOCKSTEP PDF – Rockefeller Foundation.pdf (

Pressing into the kingdom that is within us is our only option. There is no going back for evil plans are in motion and the only way to be victorious over such evil is to put on the whole armor of God with the Lord at the Helm! Remember always that “Greater is he who is in you than he who is in the world.”

2010: Rockefeller’s ‘Operation Lockstep’ Predicted 2020 ‘Lockdown’ | Principia Scientific Intl. (




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