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All trees bear seeds…but which bear fruit?

The Holy Spirit is WITHIN YOU.  IN YOU.  Ponder it.  Know that greater is HE who is in YOU than he who is in the world.

All who are of this spirit are of the Lord. It is this binding Holy Spirit that we shall know one another by. Works follow…as a sign of fruit on a tree that ripens in time. 

Beautiful fruit plucked from the tree, once plucked begins to wither…slowly at first as the signs we cannot see. Then all of a sudden rapidly, only to be tossed aside. Decayed and decomposed, leaving behind  a seed. A seed that can be planted and grow again into a marvelous tree, in each season bearing much fruit.

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But, alone many trees cannot bear fruit. They need another fruit bearing tree to cross pollinate and then both trees can yield much fruit.  Yet there are some that are self fruitful, such as among some of the apricot trees. The  flowers from the apricot tree pollinate one another. Yet, even so, an apricot tree is more productive when it is cross-pollinated.   We as a people of God…are the same as such trees. To bear much fruit we must be among other fruit trees. It does not matter if it is an apple tree and a pear tree. Or a cherry tree and a lemon tree. Fruit bearing is all that matters.

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So which fruit bearing tree can say to the other, I am greater for my apples are red like the blood shed on Calvary for all the orchards fruit?  Or my fruit is greater for it is yellow like the sun that gives life to all living.  Or mine is greater for it is green as an emerald that shines as a gem on the high priests breast plate.  Who is greater than another and who dare say that any among the fruit should boast as to which is most important in the orchard of the master who planted all the different trees?  For he saw fruit in each and at the harvest, shall he not pick the ripe from all of them?

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Does the master not water and care for each? Why then do the fruit argue among themselves who is or is not the greater?  Does he not prune and cut back the branches that have withered for the goodness of the tree?  Does he not pick the ripe and toss aside the rotten?  The master of the orchard is the judge of the fruit and the one who bears the pruning hook.

The Natural Healing Power Of Oak Trees And Acorns - Off The Grid News
Oaks have been used for ceremony, food, medicine and building for as long as humans have been around. In many traditions, the oak is revered as a sacred tree.The Natural Healing Power Of Oak Trees And Acorns – Off The Grid News

The master knows that a mighty oak paired with an apple tree, produces no apples, but the oak will bear seed and fruit to serve another purpose. Dominance does not make a tree bear fruit. It takes other trees of the same character and likeness.  The master found it good to plant an oak for shade and shield of the orchard, its fruit, the small acorn feeds other creation and goes to seed to make another mighty oak and bear other fruit.

The master found it good to plant many types of trees for his other purposes, the same as he found it good to plant all fruit bearing trees.  As God has not made all men identical, but the nature of man is what God has said – in such, we are all the same. Our works are how we shall be known to be fruit bearing, purposeful, or barren. For in all things with seed there are fruit bearing purposes, for healing and nourishment to our bodies.

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All the denominations in Christ our Lord are as fruit bearing trees. He looks upon all and is the Master of all. He, and He alone does the pruning and the harvest of all the orchards planted.

Timing When a fruit tree can’t pollinate itself, you need to partner it with another, different variety that blooms at the same time.
Spacing Apple – The pollinator partner for semi-dwarf trees should be planted no more than 50 feet (15 meters) away. If you have a dwarf tree, then plant the two varieties less than 20 feet (6 meters) apart.Blueberry – Plant a different variety tree no more than six feet (2 meters) apart.Cherry, Sweet – Plant a different variety tree no more than 20 feet (6 meters) apart.Pear – Plant a different variety tree no more than 100 feet (30 meters) apart.Plum – Plant a different variety tree no more than 100 feet (30 meters) apart.
Maturity Apple – Produces fruit two to five years after planting.Blueberry – Produces fruit two to three years after planting.Cherry, Sweet – Produces fruit four to seven years after planting.Cherry, Sour – Produces fruit three to five years after planting.Pear – Produces fruit four to six years after planting.Plum – Produces fruit three to six years after planting.
USA, Colorado, Mesa County, Peach Orchard #19513407 Framed Photos

We are all in God’s orchard. Let us not boast of our differences as though we were better than the other fruit of the different trees in God’s orchard, let us know that the Master of the Orchard will judge all fruit at the time of his harvest. When we boast, let us boast of the MASTER OF THE ORCHARD AND HIS SON THE HARVESTER IN DUE SEASON!

And in all seasons God always leaves a seed, even as an apricot tree to restart his vineyard. Who among the masses have seen or been such as the apricot trees, or other self fruitful seed that has lent its fullness to all trees to bear much greater fruit?


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