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EVERGIVEN UPDATE ….Evergiven is not going anywhere. Not for a long time. The Captain and all workers are being detained by authorities and have been since they made their way out of the sideways blockage and were tugged to a location in the Suez Canal. Reports from others show they have massive evidence relating to human and drug trafficking, including drug trade like Adrenochrome and climate change weapondry, weapons of mass destruction and other illegal cargo. The ship is still being Investigated and Israeli, Egyptian, U S . Saudi militaries aLL gathered direct evidence.

Evergiven sits like a beached city in a desert, a floating stack of containers and one big costly mistake – $10 billion of global trade confiscated and sitting in the Red Sea.

So while fake news is silent this is far from over. News is acting like this is all normal and the only thing holding up release of the container ship is for them to pay $1 Billion dollars? Yawn, this type of thing happens all the time….yaddy yaddy ya.

Time will tell what happens, for now one thing is sure, that ship load is a full vessel with no where to go. The containers are contained. That haul will see no profit. But for now the word is they got caught and this is just beginning.

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