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First we must remember this is a “mis” and “dis” information war. Look at facts first. Then discern what is truth. Once you see the truth – alert others. It is not always easy to see past the show as they sound so convincing and all it takes is for someone to yell, “Oh my God we are doomed!”, to start panic like someone yelling “FIRE” in a theater. We must stay with faith that our Lord is in control and look at what they are doing with eyes that see the details and not just the blinking lights they deceptively want you to see and believe.

Cyber warfare has many tenicles. That is why, I believe, the Space Program gave their Cyber warfare program a “Kraken” nickname and an octupus logo. The techi generation (mellennials and generation X) grew up with high tech toys and watched them as they developed. The were always hungry for the next level generation of everything. Computers developed faster, Intel Core -1,then Intel Core 2, Intel Core 3, etc. up to 11th Generation Intel Core H-Series bring you 5GHz boost. Using names like Thunderbolt and Turbo, all the while our brains have adapted to the next generation chip.

Intel announces 11th-Gen chips with new company branding

There are actually a wide group of our young population who can’t wait to get even a 6-G going because they are so dumbed down with the speed of a technology and are foolish in their knowledge of science versus what reality really is. They will argue with anyone that can think reasonably how dumb these anti 5-G people are. Dinosaurs they will call them at best. Old stupid people, just not with it is another label. Well, they have no idea that 5-G is and was a military weapon…and 6-G and above is space based technology designed for warfare. Dangerous stuff if not shielded.

CES 2021: 11th Gen Intel Core H-Series Bring 5GHz Boost, PCIe 4 And  Thunderbolt 4 To Mobile Gamers – Pokde.Net

Now that being said, let’s move on to the side of the physical affects of both 4-G and of 5-G.

Does 5G Radiation Cause COVID-19 And Other Diseases? A Fact Check

It is now being reported that there is a host of issues, they are now blaming on the vaccine. Are you seeing how this works yet? The danger is one we cannot escape unless we address the real root of the problem. As they roll out their 5-G, people will get sick. Flu like symptoms, ringing in the ears, headaches, brain fog, a host of physical issues.

Topic · 5g ·

So go kiss your smart meter because thanks to it, your home is now designed to slowly or quickly make you very sick. So they need to find some thing to blame it all on…. so we have COVID….which is more like CORE-VID GEN.21. And because they have frequency surges at high use demand times with their cell towers, and smart meters, they have now presented this as vaccine via air transmutation. The real science behind all of this is frequencies and electromagnetic fields that can fry any living thing. Vegetation, animals, birds, fish, and humans. Even bugs. Where are the bees?

DRDO Building 'Laser Weapons' Which Can Dismantle Ariel Targets Without A  Shot Being Fired - EurAsian Times
DRDO working on Star Wars-like weapons | India News - Times of India
Directed Energy Weapons, India's Strategic Game Changer? – Foreign Policy

So let’s take a look at the sickness and symptoms 5-G creates and then look at the list of new symptoms the CDC is researching and saying it is a vaccine side affect. And now anyone who has had a vaccine is a carrier for anyone they walk past. THIS IS PSEUDO SCIENCE…THAT COVERS UP FOR THE EFFECT OF 5-G! The same crowd of thinkers who bought into the vaccine will be the same ones who never see or hear this truth being shared here today! So get ready to hear it.

In order for 5-G to be used, there needs to be a way to have a barrier for the bad affects. Because 5-G needs oxygen to work. It will deplete the oxygen in the air and from everything around it. Thereby using the oxygen in the human blood stream and people can’t breathe. THIS IS A FACT AND SCIENCE…LOOK UP 5-G! Not just how fast your computer will flick for you is the marketing of the future propaganda piece…but they don’t tell you what it costs you in health to see something nano seconds faster, that the human eye doesn’t really register anyway. But it’s all part of their agenda 21. They even wrote about adding 5-G in their Lockstep Reset imaginary playbook. The one they say is jut a theory to help them prepare for an unfortunate event if it ever happened. So they can be prepared.

Above is what I call the cabal poster of Agenda 21 Depopulation in Progress. We are in their Hunger Games. Right now…we are being culled with our awareness. We have been slowly and silently poisoned and zapped with radiation and oxygen robbing frequencies and electro magnetic fields that harm us. Not to mention what it has done to our water, the animal kingdom and food supply. EVERY LIVING CELL NEEDS OXYGEN AND LIGHT FROM THE SUN TO THRIVE AND REPRODUCE – EVEN BACTERIA IN A DARK CAVE!

Figure out what your body needs to build a stronger immune system, so it can heal. I believe that Babylon Falls and the great merchants of the earth weep and wail for no one buys their merchandise any more. I also believe Kim Clement saw this in 2015 and we are fulfilling the prophecy at this moment. Listen to what he had to say about this critical point in time.

STAY STRONG…..GOD IS NOT MOCKED! As good watch men, we are to expose the enemy approaching, be it a tiger, or a troop of armies or a plague, or deception. In a war effort, the troop sent out to watch for danger had best keep his eyes open or the camp will be caught off guard by the enemy. We have been left with a peculiar situation. Most were not listening to the watchman shouting what the enemy was doing and how close they were…and many shot the messenger. While at the same time… they liked what the enemy was saying and believed in all their lies, propaganda and gaslighting.

So now…here we are waking up. Returning to God is our only answer and always was, for it is written this day would come. Babylon the great has been around for a very long time…and now…she falls. This is only going to happen through divine intervention of the Lord God. Amen.


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