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I sure do and that was in July of 2018 when we were in the heat of the battle that we now ALL KNOW WE ARE IN. From the first day President Trump entered office he has been battling the invisible enemy – the ones behind the curtain paying all the minions to do the dirty work to cull humanity and seize the world!

It was at a rally in Montana that President Trump brought up Herbert Bush’s “Thousand Points of Light?”  He said, “What the hell does that mean?” The media scurried around and quickly tried to find good world views to back Herbert Bush’s push for his thousand points of light. The big idea to take over the world and rule it all.  Also known as globalism.

The amazing thing is they still have this video up? That makes me wonder why? Especially since the answer to the question is all about Lucifer the light bearer. Each of these things is Luciferian and we are just now catching up with President Trump on what he has been telling us all ever since he came down the escalator the day he announced he was running for President.

Trump entered the Dark Swamp House knowing he was walking into the devils platform. What people don’t realize, or some have forgotten in the midst of the shaking and gleaning….is President Trump has known and been fighting the good fight for all of us all along the way. AND HE IS STILL FIGHTING FOR ALL OF US! Most didn’t notice anything strange until COVID…..

Granlund cartoon: Trump cements relationship with Fauci

He was telling us all then that this was a spiritual warfare battle and one that has been taking place since the fallen angels…and before the dawn of earth’s creation. The book of Enoch has the heavenly battle and Lucifer falling on the second day when the earth was still filled with water, for he had not created the land yet.

Hopium.... When Your Last Hope Wasn't Your Best Hope - Willy Wonka | Meme  Generator
There are many hopium pics, but they are sickening to see, this was the nicest one…just to give you the point in the way these Luciferians are pushing fear and mocking hope and faith of God. They will soon all cease their laughter. God is not mocked.

Many conspiracy theorists, who are today called other names, being labled and mocked as idiots following “hopium”, these all knew what President Trump meant…the real idiots doing the name calling were and still are clueless. My first response to Trump’s question on the Thousand Points of Light was New World Order/Globalist/Satanic Rituals…..then the curiosity kicked in as to how this was openly introduced in the early 90’s to the public at a time before computers and social media.

It was spoken and applauded at a time most of “We The People” believed the government was there to guide our every way and protect us from enemies foreign and domestic.  It was also the same point in time when many baby boomers were ‘finding themselves’, outgrowing their first wives and buying Harley’s at age 49 (and up), not to mention finding a 20 year old to take along for the ride. No one was worried and Miss America Pageants were still cool and they all had the goal of world peace.

Reagan had just torn down the wall a few years back. So flickering points of light were cozy like Christmas trees and no one understood anything secret about any of it.  That made it easy to point in your face in the light of day. The more people wandered off doing their own thing, the more mega churches who looked the other way began to thrive. Children of the Boomers grew up believing they could do anything and their children grew up with no child left behind and common core. Oh what a mess was weaved ushering in those thousand points of light. A light that wasn’t new, but has an ancient past…a shining star story…and one that has now become our darkened days. So here we are…and now…we are waking up, yet, many are still sleeping looking for those good old days where no one was really awake.

The truth is, President Trump and a band of American Heroes are fighting every day 24/7 and most people are still shouting NOTHING IS BEING DONE! While a remnant is shouting…wake up!

Good grief those that are complaining are beginning to look like the story of the Little Red Hen…

President Trump most always reveals his intentions.  People need to listen close.  What he doesn’t do is tell how he will do a thing.  He is full of surprises.  He never tells his battle strategies.  That is what makes following him so fascinating.



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