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What is up is down, down is up…right is wrong, and wrong is right..lies are now true and truth is now lies. Enter the fact checkers and truth rating sell outs. It’s more like taking an ax to the First Amendment!

Ralph Nader в Twitter: "Democratic Senator Maria Cantwell is pushing for  stronger legislation. Why isn't the media digging in on this? -R"

Wow…after listening to Mike Lindel and how he is already under fire with his new site “Frank Speech”, and how Google has stripped all free speech that does not conform to the propaganda, and especially any speech that is truthful, it led me to count the blessings of having a tiny little blog. But, alas, it has angered Social Media High Tech CIA based giants that the little guys are now having the big time truth telling calling cards on their programs. Names like Sidney Powell, General Flynn, Mike Lindel, Patrick Byrnes, and Lin Wood, just to name a few. So they are yanking their platforms, which are honest platforms, right off the Facebook and any social media sites they control.

LIVE: The 2021 Health and Freedom Conference

Even Amanda Grace Ministry was yanked down. Why? Because she went to the Health and Freedom Conference in Tulsa and did some prophesying in the name of the Lord and held great interviews with the speakers, including all of the previous named, big truth telling names. She didn’t get a Red Shield yet…she got the Zuck job. The only shield we need is the one that comes with the Armor of God and that is the Shield of Faith!!!

Cooperation pressrelations / NewsGuard - Fraunhofer FKIE

We are under attack. So as I listened to these stories and they were all told in a positive manner…no fear, just like another bump in the road, with optimism that we will be back up and running over here…and here, meanwhile go to xyz to find the latest posts, etc.

Meanwhile, in spite of all the liar ratings of CNN, et al, the fake news is failing, and social media is losing billions for no one is buying their wares any more. They have the same fear based mask wearers and vaccine jab recipients who love Fauci and think Trump is the bad guy. (I hope they enjoy learning about their Pizza and sauce selections those they believe entertain when that is fully exposed…they are all clueless.)

A New Narrative Control Firm Works To Destroy Alternative Media | by  Caitlin Johnstone | Medium
So now that RT is a big bringer of anti-vax, anti COVID and anti Lockdowns….they are no longer a source for valid information. We have world police fact checkers like NewsGuard and the people in foreign lands working for Zuckerberg to censor free speech. And if you are independent of Zuck and the Twit, then we have YOU RATED! Join the X files!

Meanwhile, if you can’t kick them off of their big monopolized social sites….then they will rate you. They will fact check you according to their standards. One of the dastardly fact checkers who recently said the Independent Sentinel was rotten, was none other than NEWSGUARD. The Independent Sentinel joined the bad rating club with credible sources such as – 100% Fed Up, the Right Scoop, the Blaze, Breitbart, and many more. It appears that if you tell the truth, you are censored, and if they can’t censor you, now they just tell lies and give you a bad rating.

The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity : NewsGuard: A  Neoconservative Contrivance Which Promotes an Establishment View

M. Dowling with the Independent Sentinel wrote an article on their new ratings when they received them. It Headlined:

Newsguard Is a Fraudulent Fact-Checker, I now bear the Scarlet Letter

“Someone or some organization reported the Sentinel to Newsguard. It is a fact-checking website with self-assumed authority over our 1st Amendment rights.

Newsguard is one of many of the latest corrupt fact-checking websites with some interesting investors. The website is unAmerican in that they are appointing themselves as ambassadors of truth and fact but are clearly biased left.

“We value constructive criticism and never want to give false news. That’s more than I can say for the mainstream media. Newsguard finds no fault with them, which immediately takes away all credibility.

“Newsguard isn’t constructive, and there is no give-and-take of the type you would have if they sincerely wanted to improve our articles.

“Newsguard is a tool of the left for the most part, although Republican Tom Ridge is one of their investors. He’s a Never Trumper. In fact, he’s out this week, claiming Trump is unAmerican for saying he won the election. Mind you, he said nothing when Democrats called Trump ‘illegitimate.’

But the most revealing information found in the article was this fact:

Newsguard decides subjectively if you met their guidelines, which come from Poynter. Soros donates to Poynter. And we have a news and opinion blog. We never pretended to be the AP.

So NEWSGUARD is just another one of GEORGE SOROS’s paid street censors. Part of the Cabal paid hirelings. What people won’t do to sell their soul for a buck.

M. Dowling stated, “The fact-checker decides if your titles and articles are dishonest, and so much more. We had a green shield with them and have done nothing different in the past year, yet, they now gave us and many other conservative sites a red shield. It’s like 1939 Germany. The red shield follows me all over Chrome.” Read full article here:

So there it is folks…the new way to keep truth squelched. If you are independent from the fake news and social CIA tech giants, then they have to get you to conform to writing and having opinions based on what they are saying or they will ruin your site, and for those who rely on advertising… well no one wants to advertise with a “Red Shield Liar” who writes things directly opposite of the approved GREEN SHIELD news stations like CNN, MSNBC, and the New York Times.

So, a little, tiny blogger like me, will probably be next. I have already seen fact checking that is so off the wall it’s almost flattering concerning my site. One has me winning an award, while another has me confused with the Marshall Project which is not me at all…something medical. So, because the fact checkers are so far away from what I am…anyone can tell it is almost like reading the “Onion”. One fact checker did do some fact checking and basically, I was okayed as telling the truth…it was for the person to read and understand. All the basis of the claim I had made…were substantiated. We just didn’t hear CNN say it was so. But, they are fact checking with cabal money.

The Independent Sentinel ended on what I call a high note!

You should also know that they have found no fault with ABC, NBC, CNN, and the NY Times, even after promoting a Russia hoax for three years, a Ukraine hoax, and framed General Flynn.

Newsguard is a subjective band of self-appointed monitors of our free speech. I am in great company with my Scarlet Letter, and it’s my Red Badge of Courage for doing what I do here.

We are so sick of fake fact-checkers of the left.

HERE is another story on NEWSGUARD FACT CHECKERS who are in reality, ACTUALLY CENSORING TRUTH: NewsGuard: What are They “Guarding”? “Fake” News Ratings Based on Biased Editorial Views – Not Fact Checking | The PPJ Gazette

Activist threatens to sue Facebook for shutting down his accounts |  #AsiaNewsNetwork | Eleven Media Group Co., Ltd
Fact Checkers hired by Soros and other Cabal – If they say it’s fake, it must be true. If they say it is true, it must be a lie.

So as Google yanks whoever they can off their servers, and social media does the same, if you ever see The Marshall Report has received a Green Shield or other good score from the left….that will be the day that I sold out and started repeating the lies. And if you see The Marshall Report with a Red Shield or other bad score for being a liar, non conformist – then Praise The Lord that I never sold out to the Cabal who are fed by Soros money!



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