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Serious question to ponder. How many of those destroying property in the streets contribute to political campaigns? How many of these sorts that the left caters to donate cash to support their policy programs? If very few of these, if any, contribute anything more than chaos they are funded to create in the street and receive funds from the campaign to do so. And so because of their value to the future of the Democratic Party they get special privilidge to their demands? Does this even make sense?

Opinion | Can Riots Force Change? - The New York Times

Meanwhile, we watched as an entire election was stolen and observe the corruption of others involved with perpetuating the theft and just like that….. we are supposed to get out our check books and start donating to the campaigns again…because we need to vote WHO IN? Why aren’t patriots and Christians getting paid to take a stand by the party they support? I guess it just doesn’t work like that.

Capitol riot: White House 'grieves loss' of 4 dead in chaos – but Trump  vows it's 'beginning of fight' after loss


If you who are unemployed want to throw money at RINOS and THIEVES…..GO AHEAD. I’m still waiting for the justice to be served.

After January 6th and listening to and watching the Republican Party Turtle and RINO show…. it is insulting for any of these yahoos to even dare think Patriots would send them a dime. Their lunch is bought and paid for by Elite Cabal and their Dominion Servers. Your money is just to add insult to injury, and a show of just how gullible Patriots are.

5 Profiles in Courage and Cowardice in a Trump-Dominated GOP –

Until the courts look at all the voter fraud and take the court cases for what they are, showing the evidence and recognize the corruption and treasonous acts that took place, this is just a shame. Imagine you are watching a movie… at what point do you shout at the film that this is so crazy only an idiot would keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results. Some would say, this is so stupid it isn’t even believable… body can be that stupid. Well folks….it looks like people can be that stupid…or rather…they believe people are. It is either one or the other.

Election 2020: How the networks decided to call Biden win - Los Angeles  Times

As for me, I have witnessed an incredible thing. A shifting of sorts. As I come closer to the Lord and my faith grows…every word that is corruptible is like a megaphone in my ears. Every lie is louder than it ever sounded. And there is no place within me that can allow my soul to listen to those with nothing to say but how bad it all is and you need to get involved in politics? Now… there is a difference between demanding those in office and in the courts to follow the constitution and Bill of Rights…yet, when these are not honored, getting elected through a fraud system is not going to happen, therefore, until you fix the root of the problem, you feed the monster by doing the same things and expecting different results.

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By stepping out of the world show…and into the Kingdom of God…eyes see and ears hear…and the liars and the deceivers stand out like warts and open oozing sores. If you continue to pick at it…it will never heal.

Baker sending 500 National Guard members to Washington for inauguration

They found the machine, they exposed the cabal, they exposed the human and child trafficking, they revealed the people behind the curtain… and we see the armed guard and the fenced/ barb wired Capitol that was ordered on January 6th, 2021 that was placed there under the Trump administration, for the thieves were not sworn in yet…and still the people deny any military take over through Presidential action? How can this be?

1,100 Guard Troops Deploy to DC Amid US Capitol Siege by Mob of Protesters  |

Open your eyes and see. God and God only is in charge of the outcome of the entire world situation. It is not just a USA political issue….it is a world hologram and the game is almost over. All that is left is one big boss fight for we have reached the final level in this XBOX GAME.

So give it all you’ve got. I, for one, am rooting for the Power of God to avenge the evils. For that is the only way to heal nations.

Stay Strong!


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