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LISTED BELOW are just some of the headers from recent emails sent to me… by who? REPUBLICAN PARTY CAMPAIGN MONEY RAISERS!

I won’t ask you this again…. Another crisis in the making…. Time is up and we didn’t hear from you….. Dem Rep Makes Insane Law Proposal……ANTIFA thugs set fire to ICE….. This election is critical…..If we don’t act now we may lose New York….. We haven’t heard from you? Texas is lost! They’re changing the rules …. Our country is being destroyed! They’re coming for your guns….. Shocking lockdown discovery… They are coming for me…. This could change everything…. Our sad reality…. We are losing….Democrats have destroyed our progress…. I’m back from Mar-a-lago…..Democrats have gone full on dictator mode…Before it’s too late for America….. and my favorite header of all – “Ugh”…from guess who? R.P.

And they all want money based on FEAR!

What is fear?"... — Operation Pretty Things

The real fear is he is raising money for office! Do you trust any of them at this point? I mean we are still in a battle to be heard from the last election…Sidney Powell, Byrnes, Flynn and Wood are still beating the trail…and I suspect so is Giuliani.

If you are going to donate to anyones campaign – donate to those who are fighting for fair elections on their own dimes!! Send it to Sidney Powell and Lin Wood…send it to Patrick Byrness who has burned through a lot of his own millions for the cause already! These grubby politicos who aren’t putting their own purse where their mouth is and have sat in the seat of law making and have allowed all this to cave in are not worth 2 cents!

The Falsehood of Fear - Human Unlimited

If you heed their FEAR FACTOR WARNINGS…heed it well and find another candidate! Support someone who SEES GOD WINNING not DEMS CRUSHING YOU. NEVER follow someone who feeds you fear that swallows your FAITH!

building a creative business: scared

Campaign funding has become big business. It is time to nip that in the rear. It is time to limit funding for all candidates accross the board. Let them all have the same amount…and no more…all dollars raised above the limit should go back to ‘we the people’ in stimulous checks back to the tax payers. Who likes that idea? FOLLOW AND SUPPORT THOSE WHO CAN LEAD YOU WITHOUT YOUR MONEY – LIKE TRUMP DID! ENOUGH OF THE Party Racketeering where aunt Susie, daughter Jill, or brother Bob gets 6 figures for running a campaign! And end the big Corporate donors all together.

No Corporate donations…Corporations are not PEOPLE. They are entities. These campaign orgs are businesses. A campaing entity is a reporting entity business with an obligation to prepare external financial reports for the benefit of parties with an interest in its operations, such as suppliers and investors.  These entities collect money from individuals who are citizens. They also collect money from business corporations who are entities that have to report to their investors. So we have a political system that reports to its’ investors who act as the candidates board of directors and TELL THEM WHAT THEY WANT THEM TO DO WITH THEIR COMPANY – THE UNITED STATES, INC. Which is now bankrupt. So why are we still allowing this RICCO game to continue? OH FACT CHECKERS have at this one! Truth is truth. And there are many vaults within this tunnel to explore…I only named the obvious main door that takes you to the inside!

Vice President Mike Pence
Great America Committee
At least this wears better than the site where he was running for President with Ryan as VP when he was stabbing Trump literally in the back. this even Pence or is this a scam money grabbing donor site? DO YOU BELIEVE ANYTHING PENCE SAYS?!

So…send your money in exchange for fear. What I am reading here in the email headers is the ruler of this world not only operates on FEAR AND THE LOVE OF MONEY, HE WILL HAVE YOU PAY TO GENERATE MORE OF IT!!

And the hidden part of the story is….. COUP MAKE MONEY OFF MAGA

And the moral of the story is…. Lawlessness is profitable as long as people are asleep.

The lesson learned of the story is… only stupid repeats the process that hit them upside the head.

And the irony of the story is … those who follow lawlessness over and over still expect different results

How much money must be sent in order for those in office to begin fixing things? I saw what Pence did and he’s not even on my “who to send the trash to” list. Most every conservative is still wondering why he hasn’t been arrested for treason yet. Some say he has…but it looks like the grubby campaign algorithyms haven’t been changed yet, or RINOs really do believe people have short memory recall??

40 Bible Verses About Fear - Fight Anxiety & Worry With Scripture Quotes

Isn’t it time to start moving in the positive direction for a change?

We’ve tried negative and that train still arrives at the same place…DOMINION.


Make sure you elect law abiding city council members and a GOD LOVING MAYOR! Start there! Send your money directly to the person and not the business elite campaigns! And support your small business community who needs your support and donations a whole lot more than THE SYSTEM!


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