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So, this is all interesting… you guys figure it out. This blog “Glamis Calling”, who alledgedly is that of Somerset Belenoff, Countess of Banbury and Arran, owner of the Bohemian Grove Rights, which is now closed, according to the Countess, and who is also alledged as being the Queen of the Illuminati and the one who controls the elite, is also the originator of the “Q” movement. So either Glamis Calling is a lark, or Q is a lark. You can decide.

In August 2017, they supposedly put out an blog that stated Q was approved by Glamis and the Upper Chamber. Prepare posts for 4 chan, with a header that says ‘Prepare for Storm’. See below.

Then in October, dated on the 27th, the post tells to begin posting and expect major impact. All shall awaken! With a header that says Unleash the Storm.

Then we have a Bitchute video that takes you through the Glamis Blog site and shows it is a new site and that the posts were archived but not showing any data in the back end that it was posted on the dates it states. Now Belenoff posts and then deletes activity from their site. (So Belenoff and other people have said.) The site is infamous for erasing things. So, that being said… do we listen to the BitChute information, or look at the blog as accurate? The BitChute shows us that nothing was posted on the dates shown…but he doesn’t show us the dates where it was posted. So is Belenoff correct in saying posts are deleted but stored in an archive? Or is that a bunch of hooey? And if Belenoff is correct, does that make her the originator (or the one to give the green light) of the Q on 4 chan? The dates would indicate that…but if that is all staged… then it is a hoax. If that is a hoax, then would the entire site be a hoax? If so, then everyone who finds things there is following a ghost.

So is Somerset Belenoff and Glamis a weapon of mass distraction?

I did not go hunting for this…I stumbled upon it. You can figure it out. Just saying….it was interesting. Just looking for the truth in order to rule out more fake distractions. As Somerset is said to be the Queen of the Illuminati and orders the World Council around. There are even quotes out there from Donald Trump on the woman stating she is a tough woman. If she doesn’t exist…then we know that’s another whopper.

Personally, I had thought the Glamis Calls site to be presented to appear as a lark, and used as a source to communicate in code to real people who needed to be messaged. But, given the fact it is a personal blog…with mystic, and royal flair filled with strange undertones … it makes for a break in the COVID lockdown woes. But, frankly, I’m already bored with it. For it feels like fool me once, shame on you…fool me twice…..not.


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