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Since everyone is asking why did Ivanka take the vaccine, I guess it’s time to address it. So before the next headline is something like – someone jumps off a cliff and says it’s the only way to save the world from COVID and all the Karens start jumping, I guess the easiest thing to say is…she wanted to. Whereas I like Ivanka and admire her accomplishments, I am not ready to be Thelma and Louise and go off the vaccine cliff with my arms up. However, it is her choice and each must make their own decisions. It is not for the government to mandate. We all have the right to refuse medical care that we do not want to receive and it is time to stop the Fauci bunch from forcing their ideas and pseudo science on the world for those who wrote the LOCKSTEP, RESET BLUEPRINTS. The best person to ask of why she took it is Ivanka…but she made it clear she thought it was the thing for her to do. I would have to say, as for me, it is not the thing to do for it doesn’t cure, nor stop a person from getting sick and I like my DNA the way it is. The facts still remain that in the world and here, there are thousands now sick after taking the vaccine, some with crippling side affects and the worse of those is death.


NOT GOOD….we need to halt this experiment for the protection and health of humanity. This is not approved, none of them are, and Fauci is not a lawmaker. He needs to go back to his lab.

It is time for truth!

Testing doesn’t work, vaccines don’t work, masks don’t work, social distancing is a joke, lock downs were never needed, and our president is not BIDEN.

It’s all a bunch of bull….and it’s a merry go round of nonsense and contradictions, not just here but world wide. So even if every man, woman, child, and animal on the planet were vaccinated…we would all still get sick, still have to wear a burka diaper on our face, still have to social distance, and still be locked down whenever the nonelected officials decide in fact those are mandatory in order to destroy the economy, the family unit, and depopulate the earth in a calm, coordinated and EASY MANNER.

Ivanka Trump causes MAGA meltdown after sharing photograph getting vaccine

But, hey… let’s worry about Ivanka and whether or not she made a stupid decision to take the vaccine? If she gets sick and dies…then we know she took it and how stupid that was…if she lives…we will say she didn’t take it…or she got a vitamin jab…maybe we will say she was one of the lucky ones? Or maybe the left will run away from vaccines now? Remember back in September Joy Barr said she would not take the vaccine until Ivanka took it. So is this now a call for Barr to take the jab?

Ivanka Trump pacifies TV host, offers to take Coronavirus vaccine on her  show

Ivanka Trump told The Associated Press in a written statement that “getting vaccinated is our best way to beat this virus and protect ourselves and others.” She received the Pfizer vaccine in Florida, where individuals age 16 and older are eligible to be vaccinated.

So that being said, I am STILL NOT TAKING THE VAX. Anyone that wants to follow Ivanka…do so at your own risk. As to the answer as why did she do it? MAYBE, JUST MAYBE…SHE WAS STUPID? Or maybe, just maybe….she decided it was safe, even though IT DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO PREVENT YOU FROM GETTING SICK….SO? Call her Karen in her little mask and be shocked. It will not change anything. Now if she comes out and tells you that Biden won the election and her daddy lost…THEN SHE HAS GONE COMPLETELY NAZI. But, until then…I will wait, but my life and my future does not rest on what Ivanka does with her body. I am in the hands of God…and in him I shall listen.

COVID-19: Johnson & Johnson Starts Final Trial Of Single-shot Vaccine,  Ivanka Posts Update


If they continue to go down this path…they will all be met by mobs real soon. It is simply how history works. Not everyone is going to follow blindly….and the patience has worn thing. When people have lost everything, and are about to lose the last thing they have left and that is their very life, the end is not pretty for the oppressors.

Stay strong…hang in there and pray for discernment and what you are to do. They are coming for our children and moms around the world are about to go full blown MOMMA GRIZZLEY WITH A HEAP OF ESTHER!

God bless us everyone.



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