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There was a time, long ago, when the sacred words of creation were passed down from generation to generation in the language of those who told them. Before there was ever a literary arts guideline of all the “thees” and “thou arts”, and the “seeth thou(s)” that Jesus spoke NEVER. And today’s modernized Christians feel a need to correct those who forget to use the proper “seeth thou or ye shall”, and heaven forbid if you don’t capitalize “He” when speaking of the Lord (even though the literary arts have now said, you no longer have to do so) for if you do, for for some odd reason that now means you aren’t respectful to God. But when Hebrew uses none of the thees and thous, nor punctuation, or paragraphs, no chapters and verse, and on top of all that, it reads from left to right. So before we get all huffy… how much translation did we lose with dressing it up so proper?

The history of the ancients, told in their own allegories and language …translated into English, to me is the same story of the same creator.

Let us learn more about those who were here first.

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