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Leigh Dundas says, Stop WATCHING history unfold — start MAKING it.!

Scientology's rising new anti-vaxx star, coming to a 're-open' protest near  you! | The Underground Bunker

Attorney Leigh Dundas says, “We are starting to win!” Attorney Dundas shows the parallel of Hit-ler and Gov. Newsom od California. Dundas has been speaking out against all of the abuses against the constitution and Bill of Rights and the COVID mandates and vaccines that go against the Nuremberg Act.

There is only one way to describe what the world has been experiencing with the evil targeted at Christians, Jews, good people minding their own business, and all of our children (regardless of race and culture) – and that is HELL UNLEASHED!

We are literally fighting evil demonic forces that have been attacking humanity since the Garden of Eden. Don’t be fooled by the flesh…demonic spirited attacks are unleashed and the only way to fight this type of war is with faith in God and calling on the Lord for his protection. If you haven’t understood this yet, now is the time to do so. Everyone is being tested, tempted and attacked one way or the other.

Human trafficking is real, Dundas brings out the horrid facts from first hand survivor.

In this speech, Attorney Dundas stated that some C.E.O.’s that were involved with human trafficking are NOW involved in closing churches for “covid” and has attempted to close small businesses and force mask wearing because too many Christians and others are finding out who is doing human trafficking.

So six feet distancing was all made up? Ya think?

We need to push forward and stand together for our children, our elderly, and ourselves. We have a Bill of Rights and a constitution, if we do not stand up for our rights legally (and I stress legally), and call out the theives who stole the election, the cabal and its’ minions will thresh it and us into shreds!

Stay Strong and have faith, we are starting to move mountains…I feel it in the air. The power of the people is getting louder through faith and declaring the nation in the name of the Lord!


Oh and by the way, in Bolivia, a van carrying presidential election ballots was intercepted by civilians, showing the ballots already marked with a vote for the candidate and current Bolivian president Evo Morales

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