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Kennedy knew the secret plans and they killed him. The devil had a mission and he was not going to relent. To destroy America from within, they first had to destroy the family unit and dumb down the people.

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The children in the days after Kennedy heard a musical onslaught in the middle of Ozzie and Harriet, Father Knows Best, and American Bandstand, while Ed Sullivan introduced the new wave of British sound and the CIA experimented with mind altering drugs like LSD. These days were filled with a different type of “high” techonology that led to peace, love, rock and roll, free sex, and commune living. Assisted with Marxist ideology and Saul Alinsky recruits a new war had begun, and very few knew it.

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After all, those bell bottoms were groovey and no one wanted to send our youth off to fight a war in Viet Nam – it as time to put flowers in your hair and make peace not war. The pied piper was playing and America’s youth was following all the way to the dawning of Acquarius.

Some made it through this phase of indoctrination all the way into politics, which was the plan all along. A new war had begun. It worked well. Division from within, directed at the youth… starting nearly a century earlier when they made children wards of the state. To change the future, it always begins with the children and what you can have them desire and believe. And when you assassinate great men in front of them…it makes the illussion of peace on earth even more of an illussion.

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The ancient battle has never ceased, it has only shapeshifted into the form it needed to be in order to deceive. The battle is raging and has always raged to usurp the seed of Adam, destroy it from the face of the earth and let Lucifer come out into the light of day and rule over whatever is left. For he knows his end fully well and his revenge is deep. It extends to every soul on earth to join him in darkness forever. The war between good and evil has never ended nor shall it end until God’s people realize they have the power within themselves to overcome the evil ones. That power is the gift of the Holy Spirit and the Lord residing inside their fleshly body to guard their souls from the satanic realm.

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We have been misguided for centuries, not knowing true history. We are now waking up with eyes to see what the real battles are, and what is taking place in the realms we have been blind to. The Lord has promised to restore us to our former glory. The Word of God tells us that Adam was created in the image of God made a little lower than the angels. The heavens were opened to Adam and he was able to commune with God daily. And then the day came and the serpent entered the Garden of Paradise and seduced Eve into taking the forbidden thing, and offered it to Adam who also partook and then they became aware of their sin and God sent them out from the garden into the earth.

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Imagine being a being of light with the heavens opened in need of nothing and suddenly find yourself thrust into a state of flesh like the animals you named, with a body that now that feels pain and suffering? The heavens are no longer as a molten looking glass where you can see the light of the angels and the glory of all heaven…all that is left is a memory of such glory and as you look down at your body and touch your hands…it has become flesh and no longer a being of light made just a little lower than the angels. But the Lord left Adam and Eve with a promise that in 5 and a half days he would return to restore them to their former glory and they would return to paradise.

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Days as in a thousand years. 5,500 years. And the Word did as promised. When he returned on earth it was 5,500 years from the time he promised deliverance to Adam and the Lord broke down the gates of hell and freed the prisoners it held. Imagine the rejoicing of Adam and all who awaited that day.

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We are now, on earth coming to the final completion of the promises of God’s Word to set up a kingdom that shall never be destroyed. The Kingdom of God. And all living in this final generation have been called to open our eyes to see it. We have been given the signs to watch for and we were told to watch for the Lord shall come at a time when no one is thinking he shall come. It will be as in the days of Noah and Sodom and Gomorrah. Evil shall abound. The war rages on and the call to awake and have eyes to see is sounding in the air like a giant shofar! The war is won through faith and worship of the Lord. He has given us the power to rebuke the evil and call on God in the name of the Lord to bring down strongholds in his name. We are told to put on the whole armor of God and resist the devil and he shall flee. Praise the Lord in honor and in thanks and stand strong, open your eyes and see what it is we are to do.

Follow the Lord where he leads you and expose the evil. This is what wins the war. This is why the enemy censors and shuts people up. This is why those who have exposed their evil are assassinated. The evil has tried to hide the truth of the power of God since the Garden of Eden…and he has declared war from the moment he lied to the angels of heaven promising them all sorts of things to follow him in his rebellion to take over God’s throne. He failed and all that followed him were cast out and punished. He knows he has little time left and his goal is to destroy as many souls of God as he can. He is out to kill, steal, and destroy. He always has been and the way to do it best is through fear which is the opposite of faith.


Fear not and behold the salvation of the Lord. Take back your power over evil and praise the Lord for the Victory over death and sing glory to the Coming of His Kingdom! For it was promised to come and even now it is appearing!


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