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Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita launches investigations into five Big Tech companies over censoring conservative content – Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Twitter!

Attorney General Todd Rokita announced today that he is investigating whether five Big Tech companies have potentially harmed Indiana consumers through business practices that are abusive, deceptive and/or unfair.

The investigation comes as Republican lawmakers have criticized Big Tech and social media companies for censoring and silencing conservatives, after companies like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube moved to permanently suspend former President Trump from the platforms following the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, WHICH HAS NOW BEEN dubbed as a False Flag event by General Flynn to take the focus off of the stolen election and portray Trump voters as unlawful.

In particular, Attorney General Rokita is probing methods by which the companies have limited consumers’ access to certain content — often deleting or obscuring posted material reflecting a politically conservative point of view. Such manipulation prevents consumers from making informed choices, Attorney General Rokita said.

“In a free society, few assets are more important to consumers than access to information and the opportunity to express political viewpoints in meaningful forums,” Attorney General Rokita said. “It is potentially harmful and unfair for these companies to manipulate content in ways they do not publicly discuss or that consumers do not fully understand.”

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Attorney General Rokita is also investigating alleged actions taken by attorney Vanita Gupta to encourage the companies to censor conservative viewpoints.

Gupta, who is President Joe Biden’s nominee to be associate U.S. attorney general, has allegedly met with Facebook and Twitter executives to urge “more rigorous rules and enforcement,” to use her own words as quoted in Time. Gupta, according to the Time article, stressed that it was important for social media platforms to be “tagging things and taking them down.”



Meanwhile, when asked if we were still governed under the Corporation or are we now governed under the Republic of the United States….General Flynn answered we are still a Republic of the United States, by the grace of God!

Stay Strong!


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