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The Question of the Day: Monday, November 23, 2020 | WEAR

President Trump is the elected president of We The People. Like it or not, he is the man Americans chose to lead their nation. The election was stolen and the man seated in D.C. is not the man who won the election, he is the man that willfully went along with the coup to overthrow the United States Government. This is sedition and treason.

Those who say to get over it and accept it are way off base.  That is definitely a statement of siding with those who plotted the evil act and I say to them, the next time a thief enters your home and you expect the police to catch the thieves – don’t bother calling them. Just get over it and accept it. And don’t call your insurance company for they will not reimburse you without a police report. Just accept it and get over it.  After all lawlessness is tolerated in a den of thieves. This is what has taken place, our insurance companies – the court systems – did not insure our elections because they did not allow a police report to be given! So now it is in the hands of the military.

To those who love to say things like, “Trump is not a God”…like that is the mantra of all who voted for him. I say this, “Where are you coming from and what the hell are you thinking?”  The issue here is bigger than Trump, it is an issue of destroying the Constitutional Process of How We Elect Our President and other governing officials.  We The People have the right to choose who will preside over our nation and the majority have chosen that person to be Donald J. Trump. We all watched in real time how it was stolen and Patriots will not forget that.

Accusing those who voted for Trump of placing him up there as a God of sorts is another form of bull propaganda to get people to back into a corner with that entire political propaganda gas lighting statement! That verbal attack is to get people to back off their support and shouts that he is our president for what good Christian would dare put a man up high, elevating him to the rank of a God? Especially when the first commandment tells us specifically not to do just that!

What is appalling is to hear this same gas lighting comment come from those who are Christians and voted for Trump.  God does not approve of theft nor bearing false witness, and as far as anyone with eyes can see, an election theft is not blessed, nor ordained with a Holy anointing. It is now up to America to take a stand and call out the thieves!

Are you man or woman enough to do that?  The price to be paid isn’t easy.  Just look what they did to each one who has taken a stand! But, they are still standing and it is high time all WHO LOVE THIS NATION, GOD, OUR GUNS AND RELIGION TO STAND UP WITH THESE BRAVE WARRIORS OF TRUTH!

I remember hearing all the millions who said, “We got your back President Trump!” What happened to that?  The question is, who has turned back and who is willing to stand and guard that back?

 Are you a good guard for the back of your fellow warrior, or would your idea of guarding their back scare the pants off your fellow  Marine in combat?  It appears that for many, watching the silent war take place without bombs going off over their heads means nothing is taking place. What we all should be doing is thanking God that our military is taking strategic maneuvers to avoid such explosions while they diligently dismantle the cabal.

Standing firm on truth is the least We The People can do. Praying for strength and protection for our President , Military, and those taking a public stand is the most important thing we can do! Denying he won is the worst thing you can do. Take a look at Georgia… it’s time to boycott that list of great merchants President Trump gave us!

Stand Strong America!  The good people in the world are standing with you!  This is the biggest thing We The People have ever been called to do! 


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