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What’s Up With The Green Stuff?

First we have Going Green with Greta and AOC’s Green new deals, the Green Party, HRC’s code name Ever Green – and now we see Evergreen Barge going Sideways in the Seuz Canal (just enough time to cause prices to skyrocket in the USA, even though we grow our own food and have little to do with Europe and Asian trading being tied up for a few days …followed up by false flag event of a 25 year old named Green from Indiana ramming officers into a barricade killing an officer and pulling a knife and getting shot, preceding the night before’s shooting where an Officer Green shot a handcuffed guy in the front seat of his patrol car, and now we have Parking Spaces reserved for Green vehicles?


Something’s up with Green. Is it a new code word? A green light? What’s green got to do with things? Look beyond the stuff they show us and know this is part of the Black Hat agenda. I mean, let’s face it when a guy rams officers into a barricade, injures one and kills the other and has to be shot to stop him, then flopped on a gurney like a practice dummy for a photo shoot, all done terribly wrong, with no blood…and we still believe this happened? Especially when the news buzz is more about January 6th ANTIFA paid breech and not about the guy that just got shot, this tells us this is not about a guy ramming his car…it’s about creating danger that isn’t there. Blame it on Jesus, religion, Trump Supporters, and the way Trump handled the fake Covid plandemic. Pay no attention to the way state governors and mayors handled it.


Don’t mention how the election was stolen, the corporation is bankrupt, and Joe is senile. If it even is Joe. It’s looking like another lame attempt to take away our guns and now they’re coming after our churches and Bibles.

So, stand strong and call them out. Expose the lies and seek truth. Greater is he who is in you than he who is in the world. The devil knows this and doesn’t want you to catch on to that ONE GIANT TRUTH!


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