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The Scariest Picture Ever….and there’s a lot of them!

This is just a scary picture. Vaxed, masked, distanced, and the results are everything opposite of a free nation. Open borders with human and drug trafficking so obvious, pushing unlawful mandates and gun grabs, stealing elections in the light of day, sedition off the charts with fake news and lies, lies, and more lies. This show can be called the Reign of the Zombies! Dumbed down and virtual… brought to you by the puppet masters and their idea of a show. Their lines are script, written by old rich guys and gals in hidden castles while the world spins and men ride rovers on Mars.

Welcome to the zombie nation puppet show. They are so dumbed down with their power of dishonor and clueless as to what real history will write about them all. They, like Nero have gone mad with power shouting insane orders to do insane things and blame all of it on the Christians. False flags are just a modern day burning of Rome…and they play their theater parts virtually acting like they had no part in the disgusting terrible things WE ALL SAW THEM DO WITH OUR OWN EYES.

This ridiculous scenario is not knew. It is ancient. All wicked rulers have done such things. This is the baseline moral of the story of the “Emperor Has No Clothes.” Will it take a child to stand up and point and say, “Look mommy, the President stole the election, he’s not a real president!”


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