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At a time when more and more people are experiencing varied forms of loss, the time for renewed hope and a sound mind to think decisively has come.

Gone is the illusion that big brother will take care of you, especially at a time when no one even knows who that is. The illusion that happiness cannot be experienced without luxurious material things and the forever young persona is quickly disappearing as those who slumbered during the past generation’s media blitz are slowly waking up.

Surcharge on super-rich raised to up to 7% over tax in Budget 2019 - The  Federal

The illusion that more money, fame, and romance will fulfill you is abruptly being replaced with the renewed awareness that God, family, friends and a sense of community was always the foundation. It is the solid ground on which we build our lives, the ground that can sustain our basic needs. Needs like housing, food, clothing, family and friends. The basic need to put in a hard days work in return for a fair days wages along with the opportunity (for those that desire it) to create their own entrepreneurial niche.

Micah 7 Israel's Misery - Believe Trust

Yes, basic needs will be met. Remember, God’s positive energy is always in motion and those who wake up will see and move with it!


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