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Okay guys, you will have to help me out on this one. Three years ago, Cassini made it to Saturn, after taking 20 years to get to its destination…but…it’s just started running out of fuel as it got there? Oh my head hurts. But, I am believing all of it because it is NASA telling me all of this. Then they said Cassini became part of Saturn? I think it crashed down there or landed or something. We got a lot of cool pictures, but, I don’t understand all this space talk…it sounds like contradictions, but it is NASA, so it must be me that isn’t understanding.

If it were able to return, would it take 20 years to return or less? 5 billion miles since launch that’s good mileage per fuel. Can we fuel our cars with that kind of fuel? And who took the footage of Cassini out there? Oh it was Cassini filming Cassini. I guess that’s technology that we haven’t been told of yet…secret stuff.

I know this is an old video, but it’s a big deal. And at the end it shows you where you can get free videos of all the cool stuff through the eyes of Cassini that was captured. Or that’s how they said it.

I double checked for info and yep, it’s all true. 2.5 million commands executed; 4.9 billion miles traveled since launch (7.9 billion kilometers); 635 GB science data collected~4,000 science papers published; 6 named moons discovered; 294 orbits completed; 162 targeted flybys of Saturn’s moons; 453,048 images taken; 27 nations participated; 360 engine burns completed. What’s Next? Overview | Cassini – NASA Solar System Exploration

I swear this is all amazing. And it is all true because they have all the proof above and 453,048 images of everything. All able to be received in high definition right here on earth. Here is a quote from NASA’s link: “After a series of nearly two dozen nail-biting dives between the planet and its icy rings, Cassini plunged into Saturn’s atmosphere on Sept. 15, 2017, returning science data to the very end.”


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