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As the invisible war continues and the heroes have disappeared from the main stage of the so called show we are supposed to get popcorn for and enjoy, we are tired of watching the holding pattern and waiting for different results. So we have turned our full time attention to building our faith. As we check back every few days, we find everything is still in a holding pattern despite the border mayhem that the stolen administration is denying. While we keep hoping for news, it now appears to resemble a boring soap opera/ One that no matter how long you are away from the show, when you tune back in, the characters are still doing the same things and you haven’t missed a thing. Which leads us to change the channel and watch an hour of Juan O Savin’s feet and sometimes see the ring on his hand. Which seems to be the highlight as we listen to his inside scoop which by now most have memorized. But hey, most keep watching because we hope he may be JFK Jr.

Which leads us to tune back into building our faith and into the book of Enoch that fully lays the ground work for dealing with those who worship the fallen angels and seek to have Lucifer come out into the light, which, like it or not is the goal of the global cabal. We’ve explored the shape of the earth and the reasons why it is important to understand how and where things are positioned as the Global Cabal and those manipulating humans and hiding their forbidden secrets all well know exactly how it looks, and it’s not a spinning ball. So while we have become preoccupied with deeper understanding of the truth and why that is important, we begin to see many other ways we have been deceived.

Charlie Duke's Meaningful Walk

Which bring us to the council of Nicaea, Justin Martyr, Irenaeus, Origen, Clement of Alexandria and Tertullian who all had valid opinions that supported the Book of Enoch. They pressed hard to keep it in the Bible, but, they were out voted. So today, when we speak of a book that was not included in the Bible, we get a distorted view of what that book is. No one goes back to consider all the bon fires and burning of all the books by those who wanted to end the teachings of Jesus. Nor all those killed for teaching his truths. Nor all who were killed for believing he was the Messiah. Yet all of that took place and not just over a week or so of quelling some sort of religious uproar. This was done for centuries by Roman Caesars. It was taking place up to the council of Nicaea in 325, and even continued after. Later, tortures were performed by the church itself when someone didn’t do something in line with what they mandated to be taught, thought, and repeated. It was unorthodox for anyone but a theologian to teach the word of God and the church body was not allowed to own a Bible nor even possess a written scripture. So we had the protests which led to a massive uprising resulting in the protestants leaving the church with many marytres put to death and dying for our freedom to read the word of God. All after a thousand years of the grand results of the Council of Nicaea and their grand council of deciding what we could read. (It’s always progressive. Starting first with a small ban of what is unorthodox then little by little more things are forbidden until a man’s will can bear no more and rebels against the tyranny.)

Navrang India: 35 Brutal facts of Goa Inquisition (Christian Terrorism) —  Portuguese Colonial period | by Jayaraman KN | Medium

So, when we look at these great God inspired councils, I have to say…help me out Lord, this just doesn’t sound like what really took place. How is all this divine? Help me out here. And I have done just that. I must say, I was shown an entirely different set of tribulation and hell and not the divine set of standards by gracious men of renown. It smells like someone stepped in a pile of something and spread it all around, when trying to shake it loose, causing a big stink.

AirTalk | Audio: Adam Schiff On The Impeachment Senate Trial: What's Next?  | 89.3 KPCC

I look at these councils of men like Congress…..just because they get their votes counted and pressure others to agree does not make their ruling true or right. It just means they got what they wanted to push their agenda. If we have learned anything looking at our governing body and all the corruption in governing bodies throughout history, and all the ideologies like communism, Marxism, Leninism, etc., we have learned these bodies rule with ulterior motives and not always for the good of the whole. We can also look historically at all the man-made dogma’s and their abuses in all authoritative seats of power.

Separation of Church & State – View From The U

Church and state have never mixed, it was always as iron and clay. One of the reasons for the freedom of religion of our founding fathers was for that sole fact. For it had cruelly run amuck over God given liberties and mankind’s freedom to exist with the power of free thinking. Which are under attack today as much as they were in the days of the founding fathers.

Whereas a governing body needs to adhere to a basic set of fair and balanced laws to uphold civilization, the freedom of individual choices over one’s body, education, career, opinions, self-defense, religion, what they believe, choose to read, invent, or pursue, and especially their thoughts is not up for governing by a national council of law makers.

We are now facing the most egregious abuse of power in the history of our nation by those who have stolen an election, and more serious than that charge is the name it is really called and that is treason, for these have devised a coup to overthrow the government. And they give the appearance that they have succeeded.

Watch Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez Perform at Biden Inauguration | Pitchfork

As citizens we are told to remain calm and get involved with the next election at the voter polls and even find good candidates to run for office. To me, and to many others, this is the most pathetic announcement of what we as a people can do to remedy an overthrown government that I have ever heard. It is so lame it would stink as a plot in a movie. NO decent producer would even consider sinking a dime in this as a film. Why? Because besides being lame, it would be unbelievable and dull. Definitely without thought and a lousy plot. But, we are not only playing this stinking plotless show out, we are watching just how unbelievable and lame it is.

So what is the plot arc? Have we reached it yet? Will we know when it has peaked? So far in this story, we have fallen in love with the main characters, the heroes, and then we watched as they went on their heroes journey, only to find they have all but disappeared….and the plot from the villian has slinked along at a stinking lame pace where there is no action except an old man with dementia falling on a stair ramp. It is a thoughless virtual reality show that follows a boring old man around while the news broadcasts peaceful borders, and zombies standing in line for vaccines.

Joe Biden speaks with Pittsburgh's Action News 4 in one-on-one interview  during train tour

At what point does the hero return and the other characters in the plot take action? Or do we just continue to watch Juan O Savins boots and guess who he is? I got lost in the show when the star players disappeared behind walls some place important but secret and everything else is censored. This does not make for a great movie. It all stinks.

So…I say it is time to shuck the film, don’t even bother taking it to edit, stop the action now and find another script. This one stinks.

So in the meantime, we have taken a new direction and one that should have been taken all along and that is building faith and keeping our eyes wide open and focused on the Lord.

Stay Strong!


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