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President Trump knew everything that was to take place. He told us he would be not be seeing him for a while. In his speech to Whirlpool on August 7th, 2020. He layed out a lot of clues as to the nature of the cabal and political middle men. Listen closely what he says in the video below.He gave us hints to read between the lines. He said he has “very rich enemies” who can’t accept or allow what he’s doing for the USA. Listen to the entire speech and find the many clues he gave to patriots. This is a raging war that has been mostly invisible to the average American. Yet, it has been well known to deep state puppets and those who work their strings. He knew the drill, and what was coming. He knew the plans and that he must depart, just to return stronger than ever.The war is not over, the best is yet to come!

Go to 36 minutes in and hear President Trump tell you “This may be the last time you will see me for a while.” Take it in its’ context and you will hear President Trump say, “There are a lot of wealthy people who are so wealthy and nobody knows who in the hell they are. They make more money than the drug companies (a few more words then ending with)… So I have a lot of enemies out there, this may be the last time you see me for a while.”

The encouraging word is he knew the plan, he is the one that can make the difference, and he will be gone for a while. The media silenced his every accomplishment and kept silent on many major, historic events such as the Abraham Accords. The only truth the public received was from watching independent videos and posts of his achievements and his reports given at his rallys which were actually press conferences. We learned more from international news papers and articles than from fake news. Everything was turned off or inside out.

Those who followed Q are mocked, but what they ended up doing was searching President Trump tweets, videos, ralleys and everything that was going on in the world. Whether Q was a psyop or not, it gathered truth seekers and if it was created for evil, God turned it into good.

Follow up to “Self Design” and falling down the rabbit hole | by Michal  Lenik |

Many were already going down the rabbit holes for decades, what the new push for researching past history did was show others how to go down those rabbit holes and how to LISTEN to WHAT WAS BEING SAID, and how to SEE WHAT WAS REALLY TAKING PLACE. It also taught a young “gamer community” how to look up from their xboxes and enjoy the new game of finding the live clues of what was taking place in the world and how history has been hidden.

Perhaps it was planned to be that way, and perhaps it was not. But, as I have said in the past, I never fit in with that hunting game because I had covered most of the bases long ago and I truly wondered why they were diverting people back to events so long ago? It wasn’t until I realized how little others understood that I understood the reason they had to go chasing things that seemed to make no sense in light of what was taking place in the here and now. Most had no reference points to draw information from. That thing called memory. They had to build a brain powered data base. That is how dots are connected. Here a little there a little.

Hold the line and know God has all of this in his hands.


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