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So we are back to gun control and ‘PRESTO’ like magical clockwork we have mass shootings taking place. This smells like a false flag….and people do get hurt and die in false flags, but in some cases they are just crisis actors. The fact that people are walking around casual talking on cell phones….while ignoring mass casualties is NOT A NORMAL REACTION TO A CRISIS!

People show more emotions in a Walmart getting yelled at for not wearing a mask. Things just aren’t making any more sense that COVID LOCKDOWNS OR A STOLEN ELECTION, however….all of it goes hand in hand.

DON JR. says, “Wow – The Narrative On The Colorado Shooting Literally Collapsed Overnight!”

But we are all supposed to believe the fake news, right? Wrong. They must need ratings and of course they want gun control.

We will have many more mass shootings, it is gun grabbing season. So, just get ready for more of Biden/Obama style governing. We know the drill…but, I have to say we may be a bit rusty for its been four years since we’ve had to contend with the “Build Back Better” playbook. We’ve been using the “Make America Great Again” playbook and the left was using their Russia, Russia, Russia, Impeach, Impeach, Impeach….because they couldn’t pull these false flag shootings off under President Trump. They did however pull a lot of ANTIFA, AND LIVES THAT MATTER shows off. Those will continue in the summer months. At least that is my prediction.



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