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In all of the midst of what is taking place, there are some men who God has ordained to speak a message to the masses and the message continues after their departure. Billy Graham is one of those men whose work continues just as strongly after his death than it did during his life. There are several men whose work withstood their lifetimes and the messages are as alive today and touching hearts to come to Christ, as they were when they first spoke it. Enjoy the word and the scriptures of the day of the Lord’s return. Be ready and be faithful.

As we continue into the grand finale of these last days, it is good to know that all that is taking place were signs we were to look for. Are you finding them? I sure am, as I have years ago, and some of the things I knew would come are now coming upon us all and they are here.

Find instruction from the word as God allows you to hear the his servant Billy Graham one more time.

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“Heaven is real and hell is real and eternity is only a breath away.”

Billy Graham

Billy Graham Quote: “God doesn't owe us anything yet in His grace, He still  gives

May the Lord open all eyes to see!

Stay strong and have faith!


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