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When I watched this video my thoughts went to where we are as a nation of people. God’s people are coming together in a sort of human chain to grab on to each other to build faith. For each of the men in the video had to have faith that they would succeed in order to first begin. Once they began, God sent another, and another, until the amount of people to achieve the task had gathered.

Friends form human chain to save dog stuck in reservoir
It begins with one person willing to try! With faith, God sends the rest of what you need. That’s how faith works!

Some were more limber, some were stronger, but alone, the task would not have been achieved. IT TOOK ALL THE PEOPLE WORKING TOGETHER WITH CONFIDENCE THAT THE TASK COULD BE DONE and FAITH THEY WOULD COMPLETE IT! This is where we are my friends. Gathering one by one to encourage each other, together, giving hope and strength to the weakest link. And even the weakest link had faith the men would pull him through and they did.

But the hidden element is LOVE. Without love and compassion for God’s creation, and willingness to help your fellow man, this would have ended very differently. Possibly with bystanders shouting, “It’s impossible.”and “Give it up dude, it’s just a dog!”

Fear of getting hurt would also have a very different outcome. No one would have tried to save the dog and all would resign that as much as they would have wanted to help, there was simply nothing they could do.



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