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NAME THAT SHOW…NEW WHITE HOUSE HAS CONTEST, WHAT NAME WOULD YOU GIVE THIS 2020 MOVIE ON THE STOLEN ELECTION? Some suggestions so far have been, “The Steal”,  “The Green Screen Presidency”,  “Virtual Showdown”, what would you call it?

What was your overall opinion of the first half of the virtual movie of 2020? You are the show goer…what’s your opinion? How would you rate this film? Are there any Academy Award winners yet? Best Actor? Best Director? I find it rather dull and boring, with very bad acting. Even the scenes from the Capitol breech were more of a yawner than a yikes.  The uncut version is the best where we see behind the scenes in the making of the film. That part was interesting, but still not exciting and definitely not believable unless you were still half asleep while the film was rolling on the big screen.  Or maybe they showed that part when a lot of folks went to get more popcorn?

At the end of the scene of the press watching him board Marine 1 the camera scans from that same scene over to where a man is standing alone, staring out into the lawn. It is shown for a brief blinking of an eye moment. Who is this guy? Is it Trump? Or someone else?

The invisible man who has the super power of moving through objects. Matter can not hold him back. As he said before, the hardest thing is making the invisible, visible. What I really want to know is why is he walking up the road, from out of nowhere and not coming out of the White House?  It makes no sense.

Stay strong as we enter the grand finale!

The Show must go on.


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