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The lesson in the Book of Daniel chapter 5 is a strong message for all on earth this very day. It’s a must watch as we see how God takes charge and says, enough is enough. Know this, God is not mocked and he prophecied this day. Daniel was shown the statue with the feet and toes of miry clay. I see a stone uncut by human hands and it is on its way…. READY TO STRIKE!

Many have been asking where to find the book of Enoch. Here is an audio book of the Book of Enoch for those who want to hear what the words are for the last generation, which appear to be us.

In these days of uncertainty, the only place to find the truth about what is taking place is in the Word of God for it is throughout both the old and new testaments and even in the books that were censored by the early fact checkers. Please enjoy these fact checkered censored words and know that we now understand what happened then and what has happened all along the way up to this day. Solomon was correct indeed, there is nothing new under the sun.

Another book so revealing is the book of Jasher. Enjoy reading the censored book by the same cabal offshoots that censor us today. There are many truths in the Book of Jasher that answer questions of Genesis. Lots of Details.

Learn the rest about Nimrod and his rising up and what happened to this great grandson of Noah.

Nimrod in history and today, still in our faces… secret societies know him…we aren’t supposed to know who he is. Seed of Cush who was seed of Ham who was seed of a woman who was of the seed of Cain, but who followed the ways of God. The book of Jasher explains it all. Read it here: Book of Jasher, Chapter 1 (

God bless and stay strong…God is in charge!


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