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Trump is doing speeches, hanging out, looking good and doesn’t seem a bit frazzled about anything. He’s up to something big… looking like something is about to be revealed. Dan Scavino tweeted a Jon McNaughton portrait of Trump as an artist painting a master piece and giving us a peek.


Meanwhile at Mar-a-lago, President Trump is excited about Sarah Huckabee’s decision to run for Governor of Arkansas and said, ” It was easiest decision ever to endorse her. She will make a great Governor of Arkansas.”

May be an image of 2 people and people standing

I found this exchange between Dan Scavino and the Official US Marine Corps Twitter for the II MEF Information Group interesting. Makes a person wonder if they carried the show too far or if this was a signal to reel in the show? It’s obvious they are taking in the scolding from Dan who made sure we saw the “12:39 PM March 14, 2021 from The Mar-a-lago Club Twitter for iPhone.”

This gives the appearance that although the Twitter fact checkers missed this one and censored not…. it was caught by Dan Scavino and immediately with respect countered with “Our standard practices will be in effect and you can count on us to CORRECT OUR MISTAKE GOING FORWARD.” That was an interesting response. Where’s Biden? Oh…he’s in the basement playing with a hand held Marine One. Tomorrow Jill is going to buy him a set of Air Force I and Air Force II hand helds to add to his collection.

Meanwhile in LA, ANTIFA is at it again. Wonder what’s up. What do they not want us to look at… that’s where we should be looking. Soy boys is not news anymore. If they wanted them off the streets, that would only take ten minutes to do it.

We know the spring will bring some good news followed by a bunch of sphaghetti slapped on the walls from the cabal. Hold the line and look to the Lord for direction. The world is having a lot of push back from citizens in Europe over masks and shutdowns. The people are pushing back hard. It’s getting bigger and bigger.

Look forward for the best is yet to come. Stay strong!


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