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Jesus is the only living God | Resurrection sunday, Resurrection day, The  church of jesus christ

As we enter into this Sunday, remember to share the joy of the Lord with others. He is the light of the world and the giver of life eternal, our strength and our defender! Remember, greater is he who is in you than he who is in the world. That is powerful! With him, you are never alone. Invite him in and share your every moment with him for he wants to enjoy your friendship. Once you know he is in you and with you always, your life will be lifted up to an entirely different level. It’s an amazing experience to have him show you things in his word that you read many times and never understood. More so, the things you share with him in your walks and talks are always returned with powerful insights and knowings. I’m sure he loves it when you smile and have your “ahah” moments, because now you know that thing you never knew before. Remember, those who know, know. And once you see something, you can never unsee it. The Lord is merciful, loving and powerful. He died so you could live and he isn’t going to fail you now or never!Trust in him and know that all things work together for those who love and follow the way of the Lord.

General Flynn and Sidney Powell speak out together on the election, censorship and more on Spreaker!

Listen to “LTG Michael Flynn & Sidney Powell together on the election, censorship and more (ep#2-27-21)” on Spreaker.

Fired Up with Sheila Holm

Listen to Sheila as she explains how to keep your eyes on the Lord in the world and have a relationship with him every moment of the day.

As we journey the road less traveled, more and more people are waking up and looking at the road we are traveling on. Many have followed along out of curiosity and some have eyes wide open discovering many new things and pointing them out to others! We are traveling with the Lord leading the way and no one on this journey is afraid of what lies ahead for the Lord is on the same road leading the way. Amen.

Remember, you are never alone for he LIVES INSIDE OF YOU! Stay strong and keep the faith!


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