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Here we go guys….listen to Juan O Savin as he clarifies what is taking place. Anyone who wants to ignore what he is telling us…that is fine. Ignore it. Anyone who wants to pick and choose from his explanations what they believe and what not…fine. Question all things…but right now, he does have connections and is working with inside people so…it is definitely worth a listen.

There are steps to take when something like we are experiencing takes place. The fact that this has NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE…is just the way it is. There is no rule book to follow when it comes to cabal infilitration to this degree. So, once again, we rely on pieces and we sift through all things to take what fits and those who want to know how this works behind the scenes…. we must listen to those who are working from behind them.

Thank you….Stay Strong and keep the faith.

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What if no one is coming to help any of us….what will we do? If you aren’t looking at the Lord as your savior yet, do so now. This is not about getting a car fixed, or building a house and growing impatient because you are ready to decorate and move in. This is about a season prophesied and it is here. The prophets and apostles looked toward this time, these days. Yet…we are in it and many are missing the purpose because they are so used to getting things done quickly. We are at war. People have died. All things are on the line. Military is working to restore justice and protect the people. It is good to keep aware of all that is taking place and to encourage one another. Each day, people are fighting to bring justice. Some are killed, some wounded, some go unscathed – look at what you have…and thank God for your breath and your life.

This is far from over. I believe what Kim Clement prophesied and it will go through the seasons. So be prepared to help others as we go through this time of evil confusion. We are to pray and expose the evil. Stay strong and when weak, ask the Lord to carry you…he will lift you up.


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