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United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres warned white supremacists pose a “transnational threat,” having thrived amid the coronavirus pandemic. Calling them hate groups.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres inoculated against novel coronavirus  - Society & Culture - TASS

António Guterres is now officially classifed among those known as liars who have no shame. Especially when you understand that the white people he is referring to here are all Trump supporters who protested against a stolen election at the Capitol. But according to THE UNITED NATIONS puppet –Antonio Guterres, their Secretary General, these are white supremacists who hate. Meanwhile Biden and Pelosi continue to yell the same thing (I don’t know who said it first? Perhaps they were both told by their secret puppet masters to say it together). So they screech and wail in unison that Trump supporters are terrorists who need locked up, and the election was fair and Dominion is the new normal so buck it up and get used to it.

Guterres went as far as to tell the world that Trump supporters were the ones doing what ANTIFA did and shamefully stood by it. Unless Guterres is really stupid, he knows it was not patriots who breeched the capitol and climbed the walls. These were ANTIFA. But, for some reason he is now out making appearances full of lies against Americans. Where is the military – get these people off USA soil. It’s time to kick the United Nations out of the USA! They are nothing more than organizers for the 1 Percent who fund the hunger games and all the depopulation of the earth, and worship Lucifer in their bloody sacrifices- it’s time for them to go!

Now some will say, that’s not true and you are not telling the truth here. Well, if you recall in 2017 there were some very troubling events that made the news. There are many way before that, but, I will start there as it has to do with the Trump administration calling them all out.

In April of 2017, the Associated Press interviewed alleged victims, current and former U.N. officials and investigators and sought answers from 23 countries on the number of peacekeepers who faced such allegations and, what if anything, was done to investigate. With rare exceptions, few nations responded to repeated requests, while the names of those found guilty are kept confidential, making accountability impossible to determine.

Without agreement for widespread reform and accountability from the U.N.’s member states, solutions remain elusive.

Excerpts from AP story

Here in Haiti, at least 134 Sri Lankan peacekeepers exploited nine children in a sex ring from 2004 to 2007, according to an internal U.N. report obtained by the AP. In the wake of the report, 114 peacekeepers were sent home. None was ever imprisoned.

In March, U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres announced new measures to tackle sexual abuse and exploitation by U.N. peacekeepers and other personnel. But the proclamation had a depressingly familiar ring: More than a decade ago, the United Nations commissioned a report that promised to do much the same thing, yet most of the reforms never materialized.

Read full story “AP Exclusive: UN Child Sex Ring Left Victims But No Arrests” here:AP Exclusive: UN child sex ring left victims but no arrests (

But what is even more alarming, and very eerie to say the least, is the child back pack grave yard display Sec. General Guterres placed outside the United Nations on the grounds in New York a year later.


UNICEF backpacks used as a haunting symbol to call for greater protection  of children living in conflict | | UN News
Secretary-General António Guterres today (11 Sep) visited a United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) installation that displays 3,758 school backpacks as headstones to illustrate the grave scale of child deaths in conflict in 2018 and call for greater protection of children living in conflict.
Are these packs representing all the children lost through human trafficking and Satanic ritual sacrifice? Doe they represent the numbers aborted for flavor enhancers for food and beverages? Let’s tell the truth about the numbers of book bags and the loss of life here!

But today, March 3, 2021 we have an even odder display to look at. Empty desks with pack packs in the chairs? “The Pandemic Classroom Installation”...what are these international minds thinking?

UN Secretary-General António Guterres on a visit to the pandemic classroom installation highlighting the 168 million students out of school for almost a year due to COVID-19. Guterres warned, we’re facing a “generational catastrophe.” Reopening schools – and reopening better – is more urgent than ever. What struck me was the motto REOPENING BETTER. If you can’t see global Biden puppet masters from that…you never will. Biden and his Build Back Better needs to be exposed as the global regime we all know it is. These pictures look like a sick attempt at some sacrificial spell. They usually do things pantomimed at events like CERN or Super Bowl Half-time. But now they are out in the light of day in New York City on their United Devil playground.

Of all the horrid things to do, they post this sick shrine as a dedication to evil that they have done. Open up and arrest the ones responsible for their Lockstep monster show.
May be an image of one or more people and outdoors
May be an image of one or more people and outdoors
These photos remind me of ther sick type of criminal that always has to return to the scene of the crime out of some sick need to relive it all. These empty desks look like they might represent the number of children that were rescued under Trump administration from their child trafficking efforts. They are just sick enough to do something like this. The bigger question is what the heck are they setting all these desks up outside for? A monument? A standard of acceptable practice? FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE OPEN UP THE NATIONS AND GET RID OF THESE EVIL PEOPLE WHO DESIRE TO DEPOPULATE THE EARTH, TORTURE AND SACRIFICE CHILDREN TO DRINK THEIR BLOOD – ADRENOCHROME.
May be an image of one or more people and outdoors

What the heck is this? Is this what they plan to do or is this what they have done…or is this what? What the heck are they doing?

We know of the children who died from Gates COVID vaccine trials last year. We know of the children who have been crippled from polio vaccines in India and Africa. All the children suffering from no food and of all the TRILLIONS STUFFED IN BANKS AND PUFFED OUT LIKE AIR and yet, for some reason, all the world starvation is still being allowed. African mineral rights are worth BILLIONS and they are harvested/stolen and used by the 1Percent Great Merchants. (Like our recent election.)

There is no reason for any children to have to starve or live in poverty. What is needed is more of what President Trump started…and that is to end the wars and help impoverished nations to improve their land for their people and to be able to use and sell their own resources to feed their nations, instead of having them stolen by great merchants. It is time to help the world to develop and to end the fat cats and their glutonous hunger games. Call them all out! These are crimes against humanity and they do it in the light of day! They have no shame.

We must keep calling them out for their evil. Come out of her my people….this means United Nations the gate keepers of the hell on earth! Expose their dirty deeds – the few good things they do are all a front. The real agenda is total control of all nations! They do not hide it. It is there to read all about. Time to say NO MORE!


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