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An unusual thing, isn’t it, says the spirit of the Lord.

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These are difficult times. Most are aware this is a silent war of secrecy and there is a global awakening taking place. Many are still unaware. Many are aware that the Lord works in mysterious ways and many believe only in what they see. Many believe honest voting will erase all the problems we are having…others know better. The issues with voter fraud are indeed a problem, but, if not for this voter fraud, we would not have known their mulitple secret methods of deception. All the levels of corruption were much deeper than any had imagined. This, and other injustices will be dealt with. Many have forgotten that President Trump did not concede and many have forgotten that there is yet a court date on February 19, 2021 to address this issue.

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I have said many times that when you see these things come to pass, do as the Lord said and go inside for a little while until the scourge passes over. Most never understood what was meant by scourge or indignation as some Bibles say. Scourge means
a person or thing that causes great trouble or suffering. Indignation means anger or annoyance provoked by what is perceived as unfair treatment. It does not mean THE END OF THE WORLD.

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We are not to go out and get in the middle of the mess. Does this mean we are not to understand the mess? No. In fact, lack of understanding is what drives people into the mix of the scourge. We are to defend ourselves and our homes always. Who would not stop a snake from slithering throughout your house? Discernment is needed and if you can’t discern the times, then the outcomes you get are mostly spinning the wheel of chance.

The facts are skewed, other than we are being lied to by fake media, censored by social media, and programed of what is and is not freedom of speech by politically correct words being censored by government programs, and minority rights committees.

Presently, we are with two presidents, whether we want to acknowledge that or not. We have one who has not conceded and is waiting his day in court to present his election fraud case, and another who stole his seat and is trying hard to destroy the one waiting for their day in court, while those who helped him steal the seat are doing the leg work to destroy the same, and accuse all of his supporters of being evil revolutionaries that must be dealt with harshly. So how will this end? I believe there will be a scourge, and a painful time before all is accomplished. This is a time of tribulation and many have already lost everything from jobs, homes, businesses have closed for what looks like forever…and many have died that didn’t have to die for lack of proper therapies, and many have taken their own lives through the devils weapons of fear and hopelessness in their darkest hour.

For those that wonder what people have been talking about when they say two presidents, this video explains exactly what they are talking about.

How long will this last? Nothing is threshed forever in God’s plans, but there is a threshing season and we are in one now. This is the most complacent, and misled generation in the history of man, or so it appears…perhaps it isn’t but it would tie with those that were. The Lord compared it to the Days of Noah and the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. So, that means these are very wicked times. Kim Clement saw these days and seasons and this time. He has predicted all things correctly so far that pertain to this day. Yet, while he was prophecying the important words that are a guide for those who see this day, he was ridiculed by many in his living days. Imagine….they shouted his prophecies were lies. Today, as they come to pass, people are saying…he was a prophet indeed…what else did he say would happen?

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This is the same thing that happened to all the prophets of the Lord. They were both ridiculed by many and accepted by some. The Bible has said so in the scriptures and even the Lord said the same. I am grateful to have seen these prophecies and to see how in having a glimpse of God’s plans has given me great peace. For whether it is from Isaiah, Joel, Daniel, Mathew, Revelations, or Kim Clement…the cross referencing is there to validate that this is coming to pass as all the prophets foretold that it would. Each foretold the signs, and the events…no one told the details. But, all told of the testing of faith, the falling away, the chastisement for leaving God out of the nation called by his name, and the reminder that it is God that annoints the ruler over his people, both wicked and good all for his purpose.

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Sometimes we think we understand a prophecy…and in our excitement we miss some of the finer points. In our human nature…we understand more when and after it comes to pass. For while we are in it, with all the arrows of the wicked one flying at us it is hard to be calm at all times in order to ponder. Yet, when we are doing well, we find our lives filled with confusion in and of itself through every day life, and that also works as a snare from pondering what a prophecy means.

I really appreciate Trey Smith and his breaking down of Kim Clement’s prophecies for they are indeed coming to pass on a daily basis. And indeed, a scourge/indignation is coming and we are living in the days that the prophets and apostles longed to see. This is why to those who love the Lord are rejoicing in such a time of trial. For they were called, and chosen for this time and they know it. These are the remnant and they rejoice in being a part of it. They know what is coming once the dust is settled. They also know this is a wicked time.

God bless America and all the patriots of the Kingdom of God.


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