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President Trump ends a long thank you with GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU and GOD FOREVER BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. There have been some saying Trump did not thank God. Well, people need to either quit assuming, or quit listening to trolls and do the research. President Trump is a humble man and he has done more for America to undue the evils of the Cabal than any one man could and he would have failed on day 3 if not for God leading him every step of the way!


These are the ones that should be getting your feathers riled up. These and don’t forget turtle McConnell who agreed to the entire hoax and is as much as a coup member as Schumer. He just plays a different role in this game of garbage in and garbage out, line the pockets for self.


These should never be re-elected. Never again. Something tells me some of these will be removed before elections come around. Especially one of them…guess which one?

People don’t like one negative comment on their own posts, how do you think you would have handled a campaign trail of attack after attack after attack, followed up with troll blasting on your every tweet? Followed up with news media, and all the agencies spying on your every move? Russia, Russia, Russia, betrayal after betrayal, leak upon leak, upon leak!

In my opinion…anyone who wants to jump ship – jump now and be sure to wear a life jacket. All those who have faith to hold the line and pray for America and uplift one another during this spiritual warfare against the wicked ones in high places. Hold the line.

I have faith that God is making a way for his remnant to survive this mess and they will all rejoice in the end. All naysayers can find a new ride….I’m on the Patriots for the Kingdom bus!

Remember back when the first ANTIFA attacks were planned. Remember who we now know is behind it all. It’s time to call out Pelosi and Schumer et al. This is their astro-turf creation. Why didn’t Van der Veen say he wanted to question Biden as a witness? Why did he specifically say Pelosi and Harris? Is this to expose their plans to be a Pres and VP duo? Just asking. That had been floating around a while back?


There is nothing new under the sun. These are organized terrorist groups and the organizers need to be called out, and investigated. It is time to give all those responsible- their day in court.

Just wanted to let people know…this is just beginning.

God Bless AMERICA!


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