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Orange County is better then its neighbors with regards to COVID-19 but the Governor is not providing any relief.

The O.C. Register (another mouthpiece of the Los Angeles Times) just compared all the cities in the county and reported that although we have 107 new cases reported of COVID-19 -as of May 1st – we have not had any new related deaths (we stood at 52). ( ) While any deaths from this virus are too many it still remains a bit of a mystery as to the real cause of these low numbers. As if real science matters at all, the Governor’s office ordered the City beaches closed this weekend. The Huntington Beach Police Department was out in force and on the sand to tell anyone that attempted to use these public lands they were no longer welcome. The City Attorney’s Office attempted to get an injunction after the City Council voted to keep the beaches open but the extremely left leaning judge was not having it and allowed the Governor’s order to move forward unimpeded. The City Attorney’s Office, who has a spotless record of winning is moving forward in taking this matter to court very soon.

While out protesting the lock down orders a small group of protesters got into a scuffle that actually stopped traffic. One of the protesters had a hat he was wearing taken and a melee ensued which saw some people falling down on the roadway. It seems as though no one actually was injured but it is a prime example of how people not from the local area are bringing their raucousness and violence into Huntington Beach.

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