Real OC (& SoCAL) Politics

Bringing the truth to the people

What’s happening?

The world is off kilter a bit… or rather a lot!

Where is all the snow coming from in April?

Hold on… it’s blasting out there!

Taiwan earthquake triggers tsunami

Liz says, “Of course I lied… Nancy did it!

What happened to Prince William?

Well, they are at it overtime! What do you think?

Now this is a good question!

So What Is What? Who’s Right Here?

Fake or real? You decide??

That’s what we’ve been saying! Smile. No charge to you, just grounding!

So here we go… and NASA is sending rockets too?

Trump is winning over the Blue States!

So people have had enough of the stuff… all the stuff!

A Beautiful Light Is Shining…

That’s all for now… Fear not and …

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


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