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Microsoft Warns Azure Customers of Flaw That Could Have Permitted Hackers Access to Data

SAN FRANCISCO—Microsoft warned some of its Azure cloud computing customers that a flaw discovered by security researchers could have allowed hackers access to their data. In a blog post from its security response team, Microsoft said it had fixed the flaw reported by Palo Alto Networks and it had no evidence malicious hackers had abused the technique described by Palo Alto. It said it had notified some customers they should change their login credentials as a precaution. The blog post followed questions from Reuters about the technique described by Palo Alto. Microsoft did not answer any of the questions, including whether it was confident no data had been accessed. In an earlier interview, Palo Alto researcher Ariel Zelivansky told Reuters his team had been able to break out of Azure’s widely used system for so-called containers that store programs for users. The Azure containers used code that had not been …

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