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Understanding the Importance of Online Education Platforms After a Pandemic

The pandemic changed the world in many respects, and one of the most affected sectors was—and still is—the educational system. Schools, universities, and other traditional institutions worldwide had to close their doors and send their students home. While some of them were able to move their classes online thanks to pre-existing remote platforms quickly, most authorities and teachers were caught off guard and unprepared. Struggling to catch up and provide effective solutions. Importance of Online Education Platforms After a Pandemic What is the impact of social distancing in education? Can we explore some implementations of educational video platforms that have proved to be successful over the past year? The New Reality of Remote Learning We already know that e-learning can be very effective because students can tailor their own experiences to make the process more enjoyable. —The Key: Students learning at their own schedule and pace, with the possibility of …

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