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US Recovers Most of Ransom Colonial Pipeline Paid to Hackers

The United States has seized most of the cryptocurrency paid to hackers that took hostage portions of Colonial Pipeline’s system last month, leading to soaring gas prices and station outages. The Department of Justice seized nearly 64 bitcoin, worth approximately $2.3 million. The action was made possible by a search warrant authorized by U.S. Magistrate Judge Laurel Beeler. In an affidavit (pdf) supporting the warrant application, authorities said they reviewed bitcoin’s public ledger and pinpointed the transfer of the ransom to a specific address. “The sophisticated use of technology to hold businesses and even whole cities hostage for profit is decidedly a 21st century challenge. But the old adage follow the money still applies. And that’s exactly what we do,” Lisa Monaco, deputy attorney general, told a press conference in Washington. Colonial Pipeline reported on May 7 being attacked by a hacking organization called DarkSide, which utilized ransomware, or malicious software, …

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