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The Marshall Report is still available to everyone…we are just in the process of moving to a new site. Our new site insures us room to grow without getting kicked to the curb, so to speak.  For those who had problems getting on the Marshall Report, there was nothing wrong with your cell phones, tablets, and computers…it was a hosting issue.

It appears we had so many people reading our reports we were crashing the servers and they turned us off…..kind of like reaching your data limit and now no service….so we had to go to a higher platform. We have had over 15 million viewers in the last five months and it couldn’t handle it based on the way I was set up. I had no idea we were frying the output….Smile. We needed to put it together to accept the traffic. Now I’m trying to figure out how to work the complicated bells and whistles and make sure everyone has access to the new page who wants it. Smile. Tech work is not my thing…and our IT man, Nik is working day and night with little sleep to get us served up. Smile.

We are working the bugs out of it and look forward to having extra features that our other blog did not have.

The new blog is still called “The Marshall Report”, but we have a new web address which is:

The older Marshall Report will remain up, but the new articles will be at the new site. Thank you all for your patience in this move that I had not anticipated but it is turning out to be a blessing!

 Nik  is the owner of Vontainment, a web design company that provides top notch Creative Services world wide, as well as server and network setup.  Nik  has agreed to hold a forum to answer your computer and cyber questions as soon as the platform is up and running smoothly. I will have an article answering the questions we received shortly. Thank you.

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