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These film footages were available at the time of the planned coup to overtake the Capitol and blame it on Trump Supporters. Remember Nancy Pelosi was responsible for the Capitol Police and McConnell co-shared that responsibility. Both Pelosi and McConnell ignored the Capitol Chief of Police requests for help. It was out of control while Trump supporters were still listening to President Trump’s speech.

Bus loads of paid thugs, loaded with weapens, and tear gas pushed pass the entry gates on the other side of the capitol, and there were even film footage of the police waving them in.

The lies, games, deceit and stolen election is EXPOSED, AND HAS BEEN EXPOSED ALL ALONG, REGARDLESS OF THE LIES TOLD over and over and over again, by fake news, political liars, and cabal puppets. This was treason against the people of the United States of America and to the Republic, and an overthrow of the government. They have NOT gotten away with anything. They have only dug a deeper hole and now…the shovel is in the hands of Justice and the dirt will soon cover the graves they made for themselves!

Lift your voices up to the Lord in prayer to expose all the evil deeds of the enemy and know this is spiritual warfare in high places from the entire PREPLANNED PANDEMIC, man made virus, the LOCKDOWNS, needless deaths, toxic jabs, control freak masks, 6 foot distancing, man made shortages and manipulated inflation!


FOREWARNED IS FOREARMED. THESE VIDEOs are not pleasant to see. It gives me no joy in posting them. They are posted as a warning that the summer is here and the RESET Global plans were to present CHAOS AND HELL ALL SUMMER. They are just getting started, so do not get out in the middle of it and stay clear of trouble. Protect your home and guard your children. Pray unceasing for the Lord to protect you and your family. We are dealing with raw evil with no conscience. Hell itself. Be safe, be well, and fear not…God is in you…and remember, GREATER IS HE WHO IS IN YOU, THAN HE WHO IS IN THE WORLD!

Call them what they are Communist Revolutionaries…

While the evil ones who stole the election are trying to accuse innocent people for their own evil and treasonous acts… their minions in blue states allow chaos and mayhem to continue without any consequences for the rioters destroying property, threatening and attacking others. Their hour glass of time to run amuck has very little sand left…. the count down has begun!

Warning – Graphic Video….

This is what they have been doing and the NAZI NEWS has ignored it along with Blue State Mayors, Governors who by their inaction have allowed their citizens to be terrorized. These evil politicians have committed treason against the people.

Pray, and pray hard, lift up your voice to the Lord. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! They have not stopped, they are paid and sponsored by left communist organizations and politicians are having police stand down so these evil ones can kill, steal, and destroy. There is no law in some states. It is lawlessness on steroids.


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