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News Break App Founded, Controlled, and Backed by Chinese Entities

Connections between China and News Break, a top news aggregation app in the United States, have been exposed. On May 23, the Boston-based The Wire China website published an in-depth investigation revealing News Break’s deep ties with China. News Break began in 2015, when Jeff Zheng founded Particle Media Inc. in Delaware. Jeff Zheng is also the founder Chinese news app Yidian Zixun. Before the investigation was published, the Yidian’s website listed the establishment of Particle Media as a milestone in the company’s growth, with the following description: “In April 2015, Yidian Zixun established Particle Media, an affiliate company in Silicon Valley, to launch its global strategic deployment, and the English version of Yidian Zixun, News Break, was recommended by the U.S. App store twice in a row and has become a popular news aggregation application in the United States.” However, the description was removed from Yidian’s website after The Wire China …

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