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Cyberattack Paralyses JBS Meatworks Across Australia and North-South America

A  cyberattack has paralysed the world’s largest meat processing company JBS with operations shutting down in Australia and further stoppages expected across North and South America. Australian subsidiary, JBS Australia, was forced to close its operations on Monday and cancel its beef and lamb processing orders as a response. CEO Brent Eastwood confirmed the attack and said the attack on JBS’s information technology systems has impacted meat sales and lot feeding operations, with incoming cattle unable to be inducted without the IT systems operational. Six sites in Australia, across Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania, have shut down, with stoppages in North America and South America expected as well, Eastwood told meat industry news site Beef Central. The company is still trying to assess the extent of the damage and could not comment on when operations would come back online. Thousands of employees have also been stood down without …

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