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Sidney Powell is listening and she has released guidelines with numbers to call. She will also be presenting more information on how to deal with those who are trying to intimidate others to take a vaccine or else suffer things like loss of employment, for a virus that has a 99% cure rate.

Moms it’s time to take a stand for your children and your household. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH – PRESS FORWARD!

Trump Adds Sidney Powell to Election Legal Effort
Sidney Powell
Dear Patriots,

Are you being bullied, harassed or mandated by an employer or a university to get a vaccine for Covid-CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus?

We will be presenting tips on how to deal with this situation. While we understand this is a controversial issue, we believe strongly that NO ONE should be forced, against their will, to be vaccinated. There should be no repercussions from refusing the vaccine for a virus that has a 99% cure rate.

Here are a few points. We especially wish to point out that the vaccine makers have been totally released from any liability if there is a negative side effect or death from the vaccine. BUT, note that if your employer or your university is forcing this on you, THEY have the potential of being held liable. It might be worth telling them about that!

Here are things to consider before you make an decision: 1) There are NO licensed COVID-19 vaccines in the U.S.
2) Emergency Use Authorized (EUA) only – don’t believe “approval” means “licensed.”
3) Your Option to Refuse is based on Federal law over EUAs. 
4) Your Right to Informed Consent based on Federal law over EUAs.
5) There are NO long term studies of side effects.
6) Side effects unknown because there are no PRIOR approved mRNA vaccines in the U.S.
7) Short term evidence of severe side effects and death.
8) If you have had Covid-CCP you have immunity.
9) All vaccine makers have been totally released from ALL liability for any side effects or death.
10) There is liability potential on employers who mandate the vaccine if there are side effects or death.

Here are links to pdf forms to print out and give to your employer or to a university where your children may be attending.  It makes sure that they are on record as providing the answers to questions surrounding the vaccine and potential after effects.



These forms come from, Catherine Austin Fitts website and were compiled by Corey Lynn

Look for more information about this and the forced wearing of masks. If you are dealing with these issues and would like to talk to a member of Team Kraken, send an email here and we will review it.

For more information, please go the Defending The Republic website:

1-The official “experts’ claim this reaction is rare, and it may be. But that does not matter when it is you or someone you love hospitalized with heart issues due to the Covid vaccine! Remember, if you have had the Covid-CCP Virus you have immunity and most likely do not need to be vaccinated. In fact, there is scientific evidence that your own immunity is better than the vaccine.

These heart issues are short term side effects. There is absolutely NO infomation anywhere on the long term effects.
18 Cases of Heart Inflammation After COVID-19 Vaccination Reported in Connecticut
QUOTE: A single state has recorded 18 cases of myocarditis in people who received a COVID-19 vaccine. All of the cases in Connecticut required hospitalization.
Acting Health Commissioner Dr. Deirdre Gifford told reporters during a virtual press briefing on Monday that the cases have been “rare” and “mild.”
But she added later when asked how many of the patients were hospitalized, “All of the cases that were reported to us were individuals that were hospitalized, the vast majority for a couple of days.”

2- On Monday, Sidney and Team Kraken filed a Motion to Dismiss

On Monday, May 24, 2021, Sidney Powell, Sidney Powell, P.C. and Defending the Republic, Inc. filed a joint Reply Memorandum in Support of their Motion to Dismiss Dominion’s Case against them in DC.  This filing reiterates to the Court that there is no jurisdiction over any of these defendants, that venue is improper, and that the case should be dismissed for failure to state a defamation or deceptive practices claim.  Dominion cannot prove the essential elements of its claims as a matter of law.  Actual malice is a legal impossibility here.As Sidney Powell said:
“Today’s filing is yet another opportunity to demonstrate to the DC Court why there is no jurisdiction over me, my law firm, or Defending the Republic, Inc, and why Dominion fails to state any claim against any of the defendants. This case is meritless and should be dismissed in its entirety.  We had and have evidence supporting all our statements about Dominion.”

A copy of Monday’s filing can be found here:

Thank you again for your support and prayers. Please share this information with those close to you.
Sidney and Team Kraken

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