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For those who want to chill a bit and get recharged. Just so you know….WE’RE WINNING THE DISINFORMATION WAR!

Just because it’s one cool title…”Think Big and Kick Ass”…and it fits President Trump. Here is the audio book to listen to. Maybe we can pick up a few pointers to use in our little arsenal of things needed for business and life.

REMEMBER…IT’S ABOUT THE KIDS! White hats are winning.

This has been happening forever. It must stop.

Justice will be served and they all go down like dominoes.

We must keep our eyes on the Lord. Meanwhile, we are still battling the Zombie Vaccine pushers.

The world is shaking back and forth, and the fake news is pushing vaccines for Big Pharma 24/7 – BUT, the truth is getting out there by those who took the vaccine and their families. Because people chose not to take the experimental vaccine, their RESET fast-track roll out turned out to be more of a push and shove, resist and people downright not taking it.

So the muscle applied by employers making it mandatory, reached a legal issue and lawsuits caused many employers to back off and ease up. The Cabal is having fits….those that are not doubles are scrambling. The doubles are getting paid to act so they don’t really care. The company creating Computer Generated Images is doing fine…they have a steady income at the moment. Meanwhile the Cabal actually think people are believing their entire fiasco. They really do believe we are dumb empty shells walking about. There arrogance will be and is their downfall.

The people’s resistance to staying dumbed down is increasing, along with the outcry against masks. This has all thrown a crowbar into the Cabal’s agenda, throwing off the streamlined vision they had written up in their “Lockstep Outline” for a plandemic. Instead, of people lined up like cattle to get their jab, they have been met with a resistance that is growing. Thanks to all the wide awake people yelling the truth about the experimental vaccines and showing videos of those affected by it with others. This has resulted in a long, drawn out, sporatic and not so successful roll out. This caused a good dose of word of mouth advertising against the vaccine. Awareness kept spreading.

Angry people dealing with family members that were healthy and now suffeing with sickness, deaths, and permanent disabilities has been seen and heard by people filtered throughout the world in a steady stream. Those watching this result are now saying things like, “Dang I’m not taking the vax!” Many had time to rethink as they attended emergency rooms with family members experiencing a host of side affects and many permanent – they think they will be better off without it, especially since it doesn’t cure anything.

More truth coming. Get ready for it! Call them out. Everyone. Remember to practice shouting, in a lovingly high pitched tone, the word – FREEDOM!


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