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Project Looking Glass Mind Control is the biggest weapon in the Cabal’s war chest. The magic in their sorcery only works when you believe the lies.

Our enemy Cabal has studied us. They call us a “species” in their new psychology lab studies on society. They have spent centuries looking for how to control you. In the last decades they have used all their technology (even technologies we know not of) to study your brain, your mind, how you think, respond, and how you react using all of your emotions. They are masters of pushing your fear buttons and have orchestrated elaborate hoaxes and plotted complicated schemes to lure you into traps of despair, fear, and worst of all complacency.

Human Classification - International Baccalaureate Biology - Lecture Slides  - Docsity
You are a mammal to science. To God you are made in his image and you shall reign with his Son as Priests and Kings. The evil godless ones hate you. You are a mammal species in their eyes. A useless eater. Don’t look for them to help you with anything but a ticket to Hades!

They have categories for the various different useless eaters, and categories for the useful puppets. They know everything about how you think, how you desire, how you envy, how you dream, how you lust, and even what it will take to buy you.  They know what triggers you to get angry, hate, shout, become unruly, and how to get you to attack others. You name it and they know how to trigger it and they know how the other categories will react to you.

They know how to put your brain in the cloud and tell you what to think. They know how to bounce frequencies at you anywhere you go and into your home to cause brain fog and irritability, even kill you.  It’s the kind of frequencies that make you sick, and can trigger emotional responses.

They know how to control masses to go crazy, or remain calm. They have been programming the masses for a very long time. But, now they have reached a stale mate of sorts. For the craziest part of what they have learned to do is about to reach a crossover position in time space continuum and they don’t know what to do about it. For you see, that wasn’t supposed to happen.

The Government Secrets Trump Is About to Discover - POLITICO Magazine

Not only did President Trump being elected slow down their plans and mess with the cabals timeline… it was followed by an awakened remnant who are filled with the Holy Spirit, using it to wake up their fellow brothers and sisters and showing them how they have been deceived. They are building back up what the cabal fought so hard to destroy…and that is the truth in the POWER of THE HOLY SPIRIT WITHIN EACH BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN! That power is coupled with the FACT THAT THEIR LORD LIVES INSIDE OF EACH ONE OF THEM. One of the key weapons is the power to rebuke the devil and he will flee! Fear stops your power cold…because you flee and not the devil. Take back your power and stand is the clarion call.

For you see, as long as people read scriptures such as – “greater is he who is in you than he who is in the world”, and just memorize them as simple phases, without being  curious enough to look deep inside to find the Holy Righteous “He” that is in them,  they are disarmed, and know not the power they’ve been given.  They will panic and fear when bad things happen, tossed about with every wind.  It’s like being a child with a loaded gun not knowing what the trigger is for and trying to stand up against an armed assailant with your gun shouting  BANG – BANG!  Once you learn how easy it is to pull the trigger, it’s a game changer.

The wicked ones know this, therefore, the goal is to keep you shouting BANG, BANG and never calling on the power of God Almighty that is in you.

Which brings us to our topic – Project Looking Glass.

In my humble synopsis, Project Looking Glass is a time viewing or lensing technology, used to Look into the past and future probabilities of mankind. So we are dealing with the Looking Glass which has an ability to show one the future and a Stargate, or some such equipment that accesses a wormhole, which is used for time/space travel? And people who can travel out of body to perform remote viewing. All which are now proven possible. Think about CERN.

The cabal inside the EU, UN and NATO…is using this science/technology to achieve their manipulation on humanity to achieve their global domination. It’s all mind control and mass deception. Their form of prophecy is to make it up and fulfill it by making it come to pass.  It is their fake god-like production to go along with their fake god prophecies to bring their Lucifer out into the light/open world.  A mission that according to my Bible, Lucifer will never win.

Now one major thing that has the cabal scientists worried is at the interception of their outcomes in their Project Looking Glass, as advanced as it is…there comes a point where both of their probable outcomes cross over.  Meaning…they have no control over the masses, nor controlling the fulfillment of their manmade prophecies/witchcraft/sorceries. They have no control over achieving their desired outcomes any longer. In short, their sorcery fails them and they can’t win because the masses have awakened and once awakened, their mind control tricks no longer work. People learn how to use their power to rebuke the devil and cast them back to hell in the manner Jesus did. For together the remnants prayers unleash the most powerful heavenly army of angels to protect and to guard. They are very afraid of this outcome for that means THEIR TIME OF REIGNING IS OVER! For God’s people have direct access inside of them and the demonic darkside has to play with technology and wormholes. They have no access into the heavens. They need man to open up a gateway.

I choose to look at this failure as the fall of Babylon and the Lord coming to knock their socks off and setting up HIS KINGDOM THAT HAS NO END!  They know it and they are not happy. They are desperate. Remember Tesla technology. Donald Trump’s uncle John Trump was the one the government had to look at his work as he was the only one who could understand and interpret his patents and diagrams.

From the article “Project Looking Glass, Time Lensing Technology Used to Look into the Past and Future – From Stillness in the Storm by – Justin”

“Many whistleblowers have said the program was not actually shut down, just classified into deep black. One of the most well-known examples of Remote viewing was to view the rings of Jupiter prior to NASA’s Pioneer 10 flyby. Initially, the result was considered a total failure, as at the time no rings had ever been observed. But after the Pioneer flyby, all involved were shocked to discover a small ring, confirming the viewer’s observations.

“According to the alleged insiders, The Looking Glass technology was apparently used to look backward and forward in time, using the consciousness of an operator as a type of steering mechanism. The operator would sit in a chair that was apparently recovered from a downed extraterrestrial craft capable of interfacing with consciousness directly. When the device was turned on, strong toroidal fields of energy cycled about a pouch of water at the center, which acted as a sort of resonator for in-streaming energies from the point of focus maintained by the operator. The data was collected and projected onto video monitors at incredible speeds, which later needed to be de-interlaced to reveal discernible images.

“What’s interesting, is that the biases of the operator would have a direct effect on the images collected. For example, if one were to look back to the time of Jesus’ crucifixion, if the person doing so was an atheist, they may not see anything at all. But if the person was a Christian, they may see the infamous crucifixion event.

“This is suggestive of a time-space mechanic in the universe, wherein the human mind is able to navigate through time itself. The work of Dewey B. Larson and his Reciprocal Systems theory provides the basis for this interpretation.

Read the full article here: Project Looking Glass | Time Lensing Technology Used to Look into the Past and Future – Stillness in the Storm

Looking Glass Technology is a device using wormhole technology to see into future probability or past. Our mission is to disrupt it and take back our God given liberties starting with our spirit, mind, body, and soul. Remember, in Revelations Chapter 18, the souls of men was listed as one of the things the great merchants of the earth merchandised! “For what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul? MARK 8:36 KJV

According to David Wilcock,

“The US Navy has now officially declassified operable patents for anti-gravity and free-energy technology. The Air Force announced on December 6th that “Secret Space Programs” will be declassified in 2020.

“This new intel precisely fits with the inside information from Pete Peterson, in a call from June 6th, 2019. Peterson was arguably the top specialist for black-ops technology in the military-industrial complex for many years.

“According to this “deathbed confessional” from Pete, he would be allowed to tell the world anything he wanted about his experiences “on the inside” within six to eight months from the time of the interview.

“Pete was preparing to come forward about his experiences visiting 60 to 65 different off-planet locations, and just over a month later, he died of an “accidental injection” at the senior center he was staying at.

“Adding greatly to the suspicion was the fact that Woody, another top insider who had spoken to David Wilcock, died that same day. This happened immediately after Woody was involved in signing off on a new financial system that will get us back on the gold standard and defeat financial tyranny. “This full-length movie is sponsored by Wilcock Spiritual Healing and Empowerment, a 501c3 foundation dedicated to raising awareness and advocating for challenged populations including veterans and endangered animals.  Click to read the full article:

The government secrets Trump is about to discover – POLITICO

Please watch the videos to become aware of what the dark side plans are said to be. I make no claims as to the accuracy or whether these findings are true, partially true, disinformation or a collaboration of both. I am showing this information based on the facts that there are mind control programs such as Project Looking Glass, the CIA does use remote viewing in their spy programs, and patents are not filed frivolously. In addition, Tesla had discovered the key to time travel going forward, and all of today’s technology is based on Tesla’s work, and Donald Trump did ask for area 51 to be declassified along with a number of top secret space programs.

This subject is vast and beyond the comprehension of lay people unless they have studied the subject on their own, and even so, much of self study is full of untruths. This topic is real, they do have advanced technology, but exactly what it is and what it can actually do or does, that is always is always full of questions that lead into all manner of disinformation by design, in order to hide the forbidden truth.

So before I present insight to what I have gained over the years  looking into Tesla’s work and a lot of the forbidden technologies and how they relate to aliens, which I believe to be the fallen angels, the same as before the flood…  please get a bit of back story. As this is the next phase we will be presented in the Cabal’s scheme of global dominance.

They believe they know how you think, what they must do to create fear, curiosity, etc., in order to push you over the edge and into their hands so they can control the world. We are all awake to at least the point where we all see their end game is not good for any of us. In that we have a common bond in understanding their future battle plans for us.

It is all sorcery…and demonic. Nothing new under the sun. Trump knows the cabal’s evil deceptions. All of it.

About David Wilcock, Read his bio here:  Please note: I AM NOT ADVOCATING a divine cosmos beam us up report. I am merely looking at technology and sorting through what is and is not truth. Each one must discern for themselves. The truth is we have technology right now that we have no idea how it can be used to deceive us. We know CERN is Cabal funded and looking for some way to enslave all humanity and bring us into their enlightenment…. but who knows exactly what that enlightenment is? I sum it up as a final boss fight between Good versus Evil.  I know God wins, Babylon Falls, the Lord returns to fight the final battle  and the dragon is chained for a thousand years.  When we know what tricks they plan to play on us we are more equipped to point out all the deceptions as they throw them at us. Learning everything we can about the enemy and their sorcery is a plus. Especially when they pompously believe they know everything about us… forewarned is forearmed. 

Put on the whole armor of God and pray unceasing. Know that greater is he who is in you than he who is in the world.

Stay Strong,


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