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“It’s a sad thing,” Says Alfie at Seed To Table…HE TOOK A STAND AGAINST ILLEGAL MANDATES FROM THE VERY BEGINNING! Thank God for men like him!

“If someone comes in here and they are really, really afraid of bumping their head, and there are actually people who have head injuries and wear a football helmet, I have no problem with that. That’s there right. I’m not going to tell them they’re not allowed to wear a football helmet to come into the store,” said Alfie Oaks, owner of Seed To Table, a 75,000 sq. ft. farmer’s market-inspired store in North Naples, Florida. Watch the video and hear what he has to say about a real pandemic.

Alfie has been a warrior taking a stand against the insanity of Fauci and Gov. Mandates from the beginning. He has not wavered and he has stood strong regardless of the backlash!

Now I want everyone to ponder this a moment….what if we all had taken such a stand as Alfie? What if every business owner had said, if you want to wear a mask, wear a mask. If you want to wear a football helmet, wear a football helmet…but don’t make your fear mine!

If we all take a stand for our God given rights…the Cabal falls flat on their faces! We have to do it and that is the same message President Trump has given us and continues to shout at us. Vaccines for those who want them, and masks for those who think they need them, but no one has to take a vax and no one has to wear a mask. There are laws that dictate that these mandates are ILLEGAL and those who take them to court win. Those who comply lose.

When we all take responsibility for our own lives back, we win and the cabal loses!

In the case of Seed to Table, owner Alfie Oaks was ‘FAKE NEWS SHAMED’ but what it did was increase his business. Even though he lost a school contract….God blessed him in other avenues. Proving that old saying, “When God closes a door he opens a window”.

Now I ask you every one….what ought we be doing to help end this reign of tyranny against healthy people? Should we be wearing masks and complying or should we BREATHE AGAIN and live our lives according to the purpose God has given us to do? We have children that God has given us to raise, to teach, and to look after in their health and bodies and souls. To nurture them in God’s ways and to teach them right from wrong. Even in times of confusion and uncertainty.

Aflie Oaks, owner of Seed to Table with Patty Cummings owner of Astro-Durance Bungee Systems, and ICON Lou Ferrigno, The HULK- get together the night before an amazing maskless event to help show people how to get healthy with simple AD Bungee Exercise that helps get blood and lymph moving throughout the body, even for those in wheel chairs! Lou Ferrigno was appointed by President Trump to serve on the “Health and Fitness Council”, and is an advocate of the Astro-Durance Bungee Exercise systems that help people of all ages, sizes, and those with physical limitations. More people need to be innovative and help show others how to get healthy in food, simple exercise and NO FEAR! Lou Ferrigno expresses NEVER TO FEAR, FOR FEAR DESTROYS YOU AND KEEPS YOU DOWN!

What example are you willing to be for others? People are committing suicide for fear, many have lost their livelihoods by obeying that they were non-essential…and others have lost their jobs, homes, and self esteem. Many healthy people took a vaccine and died needlessly. Let me say that again, many took a vaccine and died needlessly. Now what happened to Fauci and Birx famous lines of one is too many to die? The line they held against President Trump? Where are these evil vax pushers now when people who were NOT EVEN SICK died from their vaccines?



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